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Privacy Policy

Personal information defines you, it's who you are, your email address, your name, where you live, your phone number, the content you enter into an application. This is your information, and while we'd love to be on a first name basis, we'll never know who you are unless you make that decision to share it with us.

Developer One and Developer One applications will NOT collect or transmit any of your personal information without your consent. The only way in which your personal information is shared with us is with your initiating contact with us via our website, email, newsletter subscription and/or contact forms. We respect your personal space. The only way we can and will communicate with your is with your consent.

Developer One does not offer to sell or make available any of the information that we obtain through your communication with us. We don't like spam, you don't like spam, no one likes spam.

In-application features where available, such as sharing information via Facebook and Twitter postings are done only with your consent and acceptance when you select the option to share such information. We will never send out information from within an application without your specific intention to do so and you will always have the option to confirm or cancel sending your information.


Applications like Metro Tasks utilize analytics tracking services such as Flurry to help us get a better understanding of how our customers use our apps, and help guide us in making improvements. No personally identifiable or user-entered information is ever transmitted for analysis. We don't believe it's appropriate to track your personal information. We value your privacy and want to keep your trust. The only information that we track anonymously are events like number of launches, most common button presses, the countries where the app is used, and how long the application is typically active for. These pieces of information help us understand how the product is being used and help us to focus our efforts to further improve your experience with the application.

How do we use the information that we do track? We can use the analytics features to determine what the most commonly used feature of an application is, and try to understand why something else isn't being used as often as we thought it would be. We can look at the geographic distribution of our customers as a whole to see potential demand for offering other languages of our applications. With a little information, we can do a lot to improve you experience, all without ever needing to know anything that personally identifies a user of our software.

Terms of Use

The use of any Developer One software application implies consent and acceptance of the aforementioned Privacy Policy.

In Brief

We want you to love using our software. We want you to tell others about it. We would love to know more about how it helps you, and the features you would like to see or things you think could use improving. We hope you'll contact us and let us know because we enjoy hearing from our customers and what would make our apps even better for you.

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