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Your Mobility Stories

In our early April 2007 Newsletter, we asked our readers to tell us about their favorite mobility-related moments (and some not-so-favorite ones!).

Thanks to all of those that participated!  We hope you'll enjoy reading these!

Your Mobility Story


My story actually made nationwide headlines thanks to the Wall Street Journal. Here is a quote from the September 11, 2006 article by John Letzing:

“Koji Kodama, a percussionist with the Austin Civic Orchestra in Austin, Texas, urgently needed a refresher in the fifth movement of Dmitry Shostakovich's Symphony No. 9 at a rehearsal last spring. But his recording of the symphony was stored on his computer back home, on the other side of town. Fortunately, the 43-year-old musician was able to retrieve the recording and download it to his smart phone, or personal digital assistant, in a matter of minutes, thanks to new software designed to help mobile workers remotely access files stored in their computers. "It saved the day," Mr. Kodama says.”

Koji K
Austin, Texas USA
T-Mobile MDA
I've been using mobile devices as far back as the...Compaq HPC.  Actually, before that I used an Atari handheld running under MS-DOS! Battery life was pitiful, but it was a well-constructed unit. I also enjoyed the Compaq very much. Good keyboard, clear & wide monochrome screen -- just a little slow. Using AA cells was practical.

The Windows-like feel was easy to work with. Then I moved onto a Philips Nino PPC. Zippier, newer OS. Monochrome, and took me into a newer world without a keyboard. My software base grew considerably from here so when the colour PPC's came out, it was a pragmatic progression. Casio came along with their "brick" called the Cassiopeia E125. Many disliked its size & weight, but it had a beautiful screen. Multimedia was now possible -- but no headphone jack. MP3 was now coming mainstream so I moved onto a Toshiba e755 with headphone jack and WiFi too!

That's where I am today, knowing that it's about time to catch up with the Joneses in the hardware realm. Over the years, there was a learning curve from a DOS-ish, Windows world to the PPC world, but it's been worth it and is now difficult to live without -- i.e. to go back to "paper". Having technology on the go has helped greatly with the schedule I run, and I've accomplished many a task that otherwise could not be done, or done in a "lesser" way.

I appreciate companies like yours that take the pursuit to make these devices more useful and more featured. Thank you, & kudos!

Sanders M.
Vancouver BC, Canada
When I get a new device I donate my old one to someone who has never thought about getting it. It is fun to watch them become technically adept with it. After a while they cannot do without it either. And when they upgrade they donate. The gift keeps on giving.
Cathy A
Brockton, MA USA
I am in the United States Navy, and my Axim is my life blood especially while deployed at sea. The sheer number of meetings and taskings that I have to keep track of is definitely not manageable for my age addled memory. One day while at sea during an especially stressful evolution, I was hurrying down a ladder well that lead down to the 7th deck. (You literally could see 6 decks straight down!) My Axim flew out of the pocket of my coverall uniform and bounced over the side and took the express route to the 7th deck, falling the equivalent of around 50 feet.



NOOOOOOOOOO! There I was, stuck in the middle of the Persian Gulf, ALL my contacts, ALL my addresses, ALL my task lists that were dutifully filed in Agenda Fusion. *gone*.

All I was able to salvage was my memory card. After a frantic email home to my wife, she was able to send me out a replacement, but that took over a month and a half to get out there. Let me just say, a pocket full of sticky notes is NO replacement for a good handheld with excellent software on it.

The moral of the story?... I don't know if there is one... except to get a nice heavy duty shock protector/case for your hand held if you work in an industrial situation.

Jason T
Pensacola, FL USA
Dell Axim 51v
My iPaq Haiku

My poor, ol', iPaq Tumbles to the cement floor All is gone. Back-up corrupt.

Tyler P
Washington DC, USA
HP iPaq
I went to Venice, Italy last year. I had been told before I left, that even the locals get confused by the streets, waterways & tend to get turned around and lost. So before I departed, I downloaded maps of Venice into my phone.

Boy was I glad I did this - because I got lost one afternoon - I turned on my GPS & I was able to find my way back to my hotel, with the help of a kind Italian teenager who spoke English & was able to tell the boatman in Italian how to get me to my hotel.

I have traveled to 39 nations & I never go with my Pocket PC phone.

Laurie V
Sandy UT, USA
HP iPaq 6515
I was the proud owner of a HP Pocket PC phone edition that suffered an untimely death.

The scene: It was dark. I was driving a friend home. The dome light in my pickup truck had recently burned out, and the cab was pitch black. My device was safely snuggled in the center console far away from the large cup of cappuccino that I had just purchased.

The weapon: A shopping bag.

The murder: While exiting the truck, my friend reached behind the passenger seat, grabbed his bag, and knocked over the cappuccino. With no light, I didn't notice my Pocket PC awash in sticky, hot liquid. It wasn't until I drove for some time that I picked up the phone and discovered the ghastly results of the unwieldy shopping bag. It was dead, having drowned in a bath of caffeinated evil! Oh, the horror of it all!

Noah W
Cedarburg, WI USA
Cingular 8125
My worst disaster with my pocket pc was during a mail run. I pulled into one of the diagonal spaces at the far right end of the parking lot at the post office. It was a few days after one of those Kansas City ice storms and, though most of the streets were clean and dry, the parking lot still had patches of ice.

I grabbed the stack of manila folders I was mailing and got out of the car. As my second foot hit the pavement and I started to straighten up I heard a sickening skittering sound. My HP 2200 had fallen out of my coat pocket and was sliding across the empty parking space to my left, landing behind the car parked there. I watched in horror as the lady in that car backed out of the space, running over my HP with both rear and front tires!

I picked up the broken body of my little assistant, looked at the spider web of broken glass/plastic/liquid crystal that used to be the display screen and, with a bit of trepidation, pressed the power on button. A rainbow of colors appeared - but nothing I could read. Back at my office I did a final hot-sync, which worked, as I reported the incident to my insurance company, which didn't want the crushed PDA after it was replaced.

Jeff J
Williamsburg, VA USA
HTC 8125
I'm with the Army and currently deployed to Iraq as part of OIF V.

Last time I was here, I made a lot of contacts with organizations that helped the Soldiers by sending letters and boxes. I saved a lot of the websites with user ID and passwords, under my CodeWallet. I continued correspondence with the different organizations, all the way up to this current deployment, until my PDA lost everything.

I never really realized how I depend on my PDA and the software in it. Thanks for making a great piece of software that is user friendly and easy to keep updated!

Kevin C
Dell Axim X51
Not funny...never left my mobile in a cab or sat on it, but I used my HP extensively in Iraq. I'm in the Army, working as an interrogator. I used my mobile both while preparing to conduct interrogations and while in the actual interrogation room to jot down notes and reference maps and other background information.

My goal is not to prosecute anybody, but to collect information that will help save American lives. Toward that end, I make extensive use of mapping software and Excel spreadsheets with town names and locations, addresses, and key terrorist and insurgent leaders. Maybe not the most exciting use of a PDA, but it's been a lifesaver for me, literally.

By pulling up maps during interrogations, I was able to focus questioning on a specific area and gain information that I might have otherwise missed. My old Jornada is getting somewhat beat up and worn down, but it's been a good tool to have. In off duty time (what little I had over there) I used it for reading, both personal (I have a collection of classic novels and mysteries) and professional (professional journals, manuals, etc.)

Paul B
Fort Carson, CO
HP Jornada 568
When I switched from a regular mobile phone to a Pocket PC I suddenly realized that I needed a program where I can store all my personal data, company data and more importantly all my banking and credit cards data (at that time I couldn't have imagined that I would be able to store much more).

That was beginning of 2004. I was trying and trying many different programs until I found your web site guys. I downloaded the program and in the next 30 minutes I knew I will buy it and that will be my last stop in searching for a program. I was constantly on a run going from on business trip to another and Pocket PC was my only solution in such a tough time-table.

More than 3 years have passed and I am still happy that I switched from a mobile to a Pocket PC though such a switch made me buy a lot of other supportive programs and I am still happy with my CodeWallet Pro. The program is yearly updating brining you new features all the time. Pocket PC is my mobile computer, my friend, my boo k, my gaming zone. What I like the most about Pocket PC is that the minute I make a new contact or add a new meeting or appointment is synchronizes my desktop PC synchronizes it with my Pocket PC and when I come home my Pocket PC loads all the data to my home desktop. I have updated information everywhere: office, in my pocket on the go and at home!

Vyacheslav B
Seal Beach, CA USA
I-Mate JAMin
Doing a photo-shoot for a client's ad; we were shooting above a pool (yeah, phones and water are not a good mix). Being extra careful for all the photo equipment: lighting, cables, video camera, still cameras, etc... the one thing I didn't think of... the little pouch on my belt.

Yes, little to say, as I was shooting the shot, almost completed, my pouch had managed to wiggle it's self off and feel 15 feet into the pool. The worse thing was... someone had to dive in to get it, there was no net to dig it up with. Side note; it was Dec. 12 when we were shooting. Damn cold was the water.

The device that went into the drink: SX 66

Jeff B
Gold River, CA USA
HTC 8525
One great feature of having a Smartphone with you at all times is that it is great for settling disagreements. Google is always at my fingertips and is useful for such things as looking up odd song lyrics, or answering obscure questions like “Is Havarti cheese made from goats milk?”.

It is also great to be able to go to a restaurant website before dining to get a sneak peak at the menu. When I get lost (as I usually do) Windows Live Search is able to help me find my way, even when I do not have any maps and my Bluetooth GPS is sitting at home.

Lastly, even though the camera is not high resolution it still takes nice pictures for those moments when I do not have my regular digital camera along.

Frank F
Los Angeles, CA USA
Samsung Blackjack
What do you do when you have an over tired, jet lagged, screaming 4 year old on a plane?

Boy, was I happy that my husband had the fore sight to load some Sponge Bob Square Pants Cartoons on an SD card before we left. Our daughter went from crying to giggling in less than 2 minutes and she was asleep within 30 minutes. Thanks to a mobile device everyone had a peaceful flight!

Kim S
Phoenix, AZ USA
HP iPaq 2400
I do not use my Smartphone so much for business use, but I am really using it more for everyday things now that I have Agenda One on my device, it makes me want to use my device more. I really enjoy my device for travel, loading maps onto it, watching movies from my memory card, listening to podcasts.

I also like having all my personal data with me locked in CodeWallet wherever I go, so that in an emergency I have what I need. I just can’t get used to trying to play games on a Smartphone with that keyboard.

Katherine S
San Francisco, CA USA

Thanks for the great stories!



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