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31 May 2007

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Hello again from Developer One Software!
The unofficial start of summer began for us this week with some amazing weather in the central United States.  With the great weather bringing us outdoors even more, having all of your important information with you wherever you go becomes even more important.
As more Windows Mobile 6 devices begin to hit the market, we're continuing to improve upon Agenda One to bring you some great time-saving features while keeping it the easiest to use time management solution for Windows Mobile devices.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Time management that simply works.Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC & Smartphone

Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC/Smartphones
and Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Standard, Professional devices.
Latest Updates
Easily manage your life on your mobile.  It keeps getting even better.
Now the #1 time management solution for Windows Mobile Smartphones!
Latest Update: 31 May 2007 (v1.2.5139)  Download now

NEW! Great Contact Enhancements and Windows Mobile 6 Optimizations
Now quickly and easily link contacts to your appointments and tasks.
When inserting one or more contact names into your appointment or task subject, the names of your contacts will automatically become hyperlinked.

This feature makes it very convenient to quickly associate a contact and look them up in an instant when viewing your items.
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Agenda One Contact hyperlinking
When you open an appointment or task with these hyperlinks, simply highlight and click the name of the contact and quickly view the details of that contact to make a call or send an email!
This was one of the most highly requested features and we're excited about just how easy this is to use!
This allows you to quickly associate contacts with an appointment or task, yet does not require that they be considered as attendees.
Quick Tip: When filling out an appointment or task subject, simply press the action/center navigation button when in the 'subject' line to pick and insert a name from your contact list.


Agenda One

NEW! Contact Notes with Hyperlinks
Within my contacts, I typically keep additional information that might not fit into one of the pre-defined contact fields.  I might reference additional web sites, other phone numbers, etc. 
You'll now see note icons next to each of your contacts that have a note.  Use the "More > Note" menu item to quickly view or edit the note attached to your contact.
Agenda One Contact Notes
The Agenda One contact note viewer includes full hyperlinking capabilities and will automatically highlight all of the telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web links within your notes for quick access.
This feature truly extends the functionality of your contacts database by allowing you to store more important information within your contact notes and be able to use them effortlessly!


Agenda One Contact Notes Feature

Effortlessly manage your Time, Contacts and Tasks when you're on the go with Agenda One.
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Thank you again for your continued comments, suggestions and feedback!

Thanks for reading.
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