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April 2007 Update

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Latest Updates!

Hello again from Developer One Software!

Thanks for your Mobility Stories!
We would like to thank to those of you that participated in the 'Tell us your Mobility Story' contest featured in the last newsletter.

We received some great stories, and we're sure that you'll enjoy reading them.

"Doing a photo-shoot for a client's ad; we were shooting above a pool (yeah, phones and water are not a good mix). Being extra careful for all the photo equipment: lighting, cables, video camera, still cameras, etc... the one thing I didn't think of... the little pouch on my belt..." (continued)

Take a short break and read some of the great mobility stories submitted by our readers

More on Geocaching...

In our last newsletter we touched on Geocaching as a great way to use your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone to get outside, do some exploring and have fun. 

We've received a tremendous amount of feedback about Geocaching.  We'll see if we can get some of our own homegrown Geocaching tools for Windows Mobile available to you to help make Geocaching even easier with your Windows Mobile device.

Latest updates for Agenda One / Agenda Fusion / CodeWallet Pro


Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Time management that simply works.Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC & Smartphone

Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Pocket PCs & Smartphones

Latest Update
23 April 2007 (Version 1.1.4631)

Recent Feature Highlights / Changes

  • If you have CodeWallet Pro and/or Smartphone Notes installed on your device you'll find convenient shortcut icons in the Agenda One view selector.
  • Improved the management of your tasks within the Today and Tasks views.
  • Performance enhancements

Update History
Download free trial

Current Agenda One owners: Use 'Check for Updates' from the Agenda One 'About' screen to get the latest update.  To update Agenda One using your Desktop PC, click here

Agenda One Business Icon Pack by DesignsByBert

New! Agenda One Business Icon Pack from DesignsByBert

120 great Business-themed category icons to help you organize your busy schedule even better with Agenda One.  Each designed in 5 sizes to give you the best display at all times.

Easy to setup and use.  Just install and the Business icons collection will be available from within the icon selector in the Agenda One category manager.

Click here for more information

Get the Business Icon Pack today for the intro price of only $5.95

Also available Agenda One 'Friends & Family' Icon Pack

Special offer from DesignsByBert
DesignsByBert is offering the Business Icon Pack FREE to the next 20 buyers of Agenda One!
Simply purchase online, and if you're one of the next 20, you'll receive your FREE Icon Pack by email within the next 24 hours.

CodeWallet Pro 2006

CodeWallet Pro 6 for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC & Smartphone
and Desktop PC

Latest Update
23 April 2007 (Version 6.62)

Recent Feature Enhancements

  • Greatly improve synchronization between desktop and mobile device.

  • Include enhanced support for Windows Vista to get synchronization set up faster and easier.

  • Add updated icons for better display on high-resolution screen Smartphones.

  • Ready for all Windows Mobile 6 devices

Update History
Download free trial
Current owners of CodeWallet Pro 6, download your update
Using CodeWallet Pro 2005 or earlier?  Now's a great time to upgrade.  Upgrade info


Agenda Fusion 8 for Pocket PC

Agenda Fusion 8 for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Windows Mobile 2002/2003 Pocket PC

Now supporting Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PCs

Latest Update
20 April 2007 (Version 8.50)

New Modifications

  • The newest update to Agenda Fusion 8 now brings you full compatibility with the new Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PCs (Classic and Professional.)  Whether you're planning on upgrading your Pocket PC or purchasing a new Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC, you're ready to go.

  • Optimized for new screen sizes in Windows Mobile 6.

  • Resolved outstanding issues.  Thanks for your reports!

Update History
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Current owners of Agenda Fusion 8, your
update to Agenda Fusion v8.50 here
Using Agenda Fusion 7 or earlier?  Upgrade to Agenda Fusion 8 today

Off Topic

Think you're fast at texting?
"Thirteen-year-old Morgan Pozgar, of Claysburg, Pa., was crowned the LG National Texting champion on Saturday after she typed 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' from 'Mary Poppins' in 15 seconds."  See article


Thanks go out to all of our great customers!  Your great comments, suggestions and feedback help us to bring you better products!

Thanks for reading!

-Your friends at Developer One Mobile Software

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