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Agenda One now for your Pocket PC AND Smartphone!

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13 November 2006
* Agenda One Update *

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Hello once again from Developer One Software!

In our newsletter last week, we introduced Agenda One, our amazing new time management solution for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones...

The response was simply amazing.  Many thanks to all of you that submitted great feedback and comments!

Today we are excited to announce...

Agenda One is now available for
Windows Mobile 5
Pocket PC and Smartphone!

Try Agenda One on your Pocket PC or Smartphone today.  You'll be amazed at how Agenda One helps you keep up with your busy life when you're on the go... easier than you ever thought possible.

Powerful features combine with the ultimate in ease of use to bring you a solution like nothing else.  Now with complete stylus-free operation!

You'll soon see what we mean when we say "It just works."

"It is very obvious the time put into program as it loads flawlessly and the features are spot on and the GUI is again the best I have ever seen!" - Doreen C.

Agenda One GO MOBILE Drawing
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Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Time management that simply works.Agenda One - Now for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone AND Pocket PC!

Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC & Smartphone

Powerful mobile time management made unbelievably simple.

"Fantastic!! and well done." - Sean G.

Launch Agenda One and you'll immediately see what makes it special.  Agenda One is all about ease-of-use.

Contacts, Tasks, Calendar and Search views deliver the details of your life in style.

Enhanced one-handed navigation lets you put your stylus away.  Forever.

Powerful features for business. Personalization makes it great for everyone.

It's what that you need to keep up with your busy life when you're on the go.

Wherever you are... whatever you're doing... try it and you'll quickly see that it's like nothing else.  It just works.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile

"Developer One should be proud of what they have achieved here. With all the features, and extras packed into this program, you would think it’s Christmas morning." - Nowire (JustAnotherMobileMonday)

Download Agenda OneScreen shotsAgenda One Theme BuilderDownload ThemesPress kit

Manage your life in style when you're on the go.Agenda One.  More than just about helping you manage your calendar, contacts and tasks.
  • Keep up with your busy life no matter where you are.
  • Effortlessly work with your calendar, stay in touch with your contacts, manage tasks, and find anything in an instant.
  • It's time for something new.  See how mobile time management was meant to be.  Easy.
    Download Agenda One today
More Great Features
  • Agenda One.  Powerful.  Simple.  Perfect for everyone.Smart contact search
    Start typing and instantly find contacts by name, number, email, company, city, zip code and more.
  • Time filtering
    Let Agenda One automatically hide your business items on the weekend or hide personal details during your week day.  Try it and you'll be hooked.
  • Organize your information
    Convenient category management helps you stay organized.  Assign icons to help you quickly see the important items in your busy schedule.
  • Update from anywhere
    Get the latest updates to Agenda One or download new themes right from your device!
  • Find it
    Powerful search helps you quickly find anything.
  • Great on the Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700/750!Make it yours
    Completely customize the look of Agenda One to match your own personal style.
    The Agenda One Theme Builder makes it easier, faster and Fun!
  • Great visuals
    Optimized to give you the best experience on all display sizes. Outstanding on wide-screen Smartphones like the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, O2 XDA Cosmo, and Samsung i320.  See more on your square screen Palm Treo 700/750!  Absolutely brilliant on VGA displays.  See more screen shots

Experience Agenda One today.
Powerful.  Easy.  It just works.

"One of my favorite features is "Time filtering" that can automatically hide business information during the weekend or put away personal information while you're at work. Another great feature is how well they've implemented the Outlook Contact Pictures into the interface with a picture bar and the standard contact list display." -Dan Hanttula (Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine)

Download Agenda OneScreen shotsAgenda One Theme BuilderDownload ThemesPress kit

Try Agenda One today.  Show off your creative side.

Agenda One GO MOBILE Drawing
Just in time for the holidays!

Get a chance at some great prizes like a new Pocket PC or Smartphone!

  • Install Agenda One on your Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC or Smartphone today.
  • Install the Agenda One Theme Builder on your desktop PC.
  • Experiment and have fun customizing the look of Agenda One!
  • Submit your best theme (using the Theme Builder) to Developer One.
  • We'll post your submissions to share with other Agenda One users.
  • Your entry will qualify you for a chance at some great prizes!

Get the details

Great add-ons for Agenda One
Add even more style to Agenda One 'Family & Friends' Icon Pack for Agenda One from DesignsByBert.

DesignsByBert is offering this great icon collection for Agenda One owners!

It's the perfect way to highlight all of your important family events, friends, and your never ending list of chores around the house.

Integrates right into the Agenda One icon picker. This collection of high quality icons includes a range of sizes designed to look amazing on every device.  Agenda One automatically selects the best fit image to match your current font size, layout or screen size! 

Agenda One Icon Pack: Family & Friends by DesignsByBert


Thanks for reading!

-Your friends at Developer One Mobile Software

Send us your feedback, we enjoy hearing from you!




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Published 13 November 2006

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