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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

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Developer One was named
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iFitOne for Windows Mobile.  Making diet and exercise fun!  Succeed with your weight loss goals!iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracking Software for Windows MobileFAQ for iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking

iFitOne - Mobile Diet, Weight Loss and Fitness Manager Software

Getting Started with iFitOne and on the road to a new you!
iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracking Software for your Mobile DeviceiFitOne is unlike so many other diet and weight loss tracking solutions where you need to look up and track the details and calories of everything you eat.

If you're looking for the easiest to use diet and fitness motivation tool for your Windows Mobile device or Windows Phone, you've just found it.  Read on to find out how easy it is to use and get started today!

The number one goal of iFitOne is to bring you the easiest way to help you set goals, track your progress, motivate you and above all fit into your busy life. 

There are plenty of experts that will recommend tracking the calories, grams of fat, carbs, etc of everything you put into your mouth.  While that's all fine (and I've done it before), there's plenty of evidence that many people won't follow through with that for long.  It's simply too tedious and time consuming.

No matter what type of diet 'plan' you would like to go on (Atkins, Grapefruit, Cabbage Soup, you name it..), or if you would simply like to focus on eating healthier, iFitOne can help, make the process more fun and keep you motivated to succeed.

We want you to enjoy using iFitOne and took the time-consuming data entry part and simplified it to make it fast and easy for you to stay up-to-date and track your progress.

The basic concept of iFitOne is: Eat the good, stay away from the bad, and get exercise.  Simple, effective, nothing fad about it.  The more good and healthy foods you eat and the less you indulge in the junk food will help you make your weight loss goals a reality.  Add in exercise and you'll speed things along even faster and feel even better.

The challenge for everyone trying to lose weight is staying motivated.  You need to stay with it every day, but no one is perfect, so it's also about getting right back on track if you do have a bad day.  iFitOne will help with daily reminders, 'bugging' you to make sure you're keeping track of what you're eating and doing and helping keep your goals in mind at all times.

We'll take it step by step, help get you started with iFitOne and on the path to the new you that you've been dreaming of.

iFitOne FAQs     Installing Sample Data


Let's Go!
iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker - WelcomeInstall iFitOne on your Windows Mobile device

If you haven't installed iFitOne yet, download and install it now

Start up iFitOne

from the Start/Programs folder.

You'll be greeted by the Welcome screen and taken to the My Profile screen where you will set up your weight and size loss goals and dates.


iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker on HTC TouchFill in your Profile

Your name and email address are entirely optional and used when/if you choose to send the iFitOne screen images as an email attachment.

Press the center/Action button (or tap) to change any of the values shown to reflect your own goals.

You'll likely want to choose the Start Date as today or tomorrow.  Set the goal date to a reasonable date based on your weight loss goals. 

Health experts typically recommend about 5 pounds (2-3kg) loss per month as a safe and health weight loss.  So, if you're goal is to lose 20 pounds, you may want to set your goal date 4 months from now. 

You can adjust your goal dates at any time based on your rate of weight loss.

Click here for recommendations and ideas for entering your current and goal size.

iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker for Pocket PC - Daily GoalsEstablishing your Daily Goals

Once you have completed your profile, it's time to establish your daily goals.  The goals are displayed in your daily logs and you'll 'check off' these goals as you go throughout the day.

From the "My Profile" screen, go to "My Daily Goals".  (You may also do this from Menu > Options > My Daily Goals).

The first time that you access this screen, you'll see the informational message shown here indicating what the + / - markers mean next to each goal value.  We'll discuss this more in a moment.

iFitOne will setup a default list of Daily Goals that you can add to or modify to suit your specific dietary needs.  The goal numbers are the number of servings/quantity of each item that you should have (or have no more than) each and every day.

The default list of goal items includes values based on the US Dept. of Agriculture's "My Pyramid" recommendations for daily food choices. 

We'll discuss first how to create/modify goals, then give you some references to help you determine what numbers may work best for you.


Creating a new Goal

To create a new goal, use Menu > Add New Goal.


iFitOne Fitness, Diet, Weight Loss Tracker for Windows Mobile Professional
'Have at least' type Goals

Let's say that you would like to stick to having at least two cups/servings of Yogurt every day.

In the Goal Editor, enter the name of your goal.

For "Type", select "Have at least".  This means that your goal is to try to have at least this many of this item every day.

When updating your daily records you will see this goal value as a reminder to help you stick to your goals.

iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker on Palm treo 750w
'Limit to' type Goals

Perhaps you have a never-ending desire for Oreo Cookies and you want to start cutting back on having so many of the sweet/fatty foods every day.

You can set a 'limit to' type goal which means that you would like to have no more than this number of servings each day.

The summary pages in iFitOne will reflect how well that you've done at achieving both your 'Have at least' and 'Limit to' goals by displaying a percentage of how you've been doing at meeting these goals.

iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker on Palm treo 800w
Setting the order of your Goals

You can now see the new goals that have been added to the Daily Goals list.

The order in which the goals appear on this screen is the same order in which they will appear in your Daily Log screen that you will be using to record your information throughout the day.

If you would like to change the order of any of the items, use the Menu > Move Up/Down commands to arrange the list in the order that is most convenient for you.

You may also quickly adjust the value of any goal by using the left/right navigation buttons to decrease or increase your goal values.

iFitOne Mobile Weight Loss Tracker - Customizing Goals
iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker for Motorola Q9Goals in your Daily Log

This is how your goals will appear in your Daily Log entry screen.

As you go throughout the day, you will quickly update the counts/servings of each item that you have had.  The highlighted number at the right is your goal count.

Simply use the left/right navigation buttons to record the value and get back to what you were doing.

Tip: Moving to the right is good.  Moving to the left is bad.  "Limit to" type goals have their values shown in reverse order. 

As you update the values, the color of the goal count will change.  Green is the default color for 'good' and 'red' means you need to pay attention to this goal and focus more on achieving it.   You can also change the colors to your own personal preference from the Options screen in iFitOne.

Selecting Goals that Will Work for You

Selecting your daily goals is based on many factors.  It depends on any current medical/religious dietary restrictions you may have as well as things in your diet that you've been struggling with and want to make adjustments to.

The Food Pyramid concept is widely used to provide guidelines as to what food groups are needed, healthy as well as those to limit in your daily diet.

Here are some useful links to give you a direction to help you in selecting your iFitOne daily goals:

The Mayo Clinic provides some great resources with food pyramid guides for many different types of diets including Vegetarian, Asian, Mediterranean and Latin American.Mayo Clinic Food Pyramids
The United States Department of Agriculture has a very convenient tool to help you calculate how much you need of each food group daily.  Try their MyPyramid Plan tool

United States Dept of Agriculture - My Pyramid Plan

The UK National Health Services "5 A Day" site features guidelines and advice to help you get the necessary fruits and vegetables for a healthy life.

Recording Your Eating and Exercise - Your Daily Log

From any of iFitOne main screens, you will always find the "Log Entry" button at the lower left corner of the display.  Press this any time to open up today's diet and activity log to update your information.

The Daily Log Entry screen makes it easy for you to quickly open it, record your changes and get back to whatever it was you were doing.

When opening the Log screen, the log for today's date will be displayed.  If you need to edit or adjust the values for yesterday, simply press Left to go back a day.


Five different mood levels are represented by icons ranging from 'It's-tax-day' sad to 'I-won-the-lottery' happy.  This is entirely optional, but you may find some interesting patterns form over time as you track your progress and you'll see how your mood may have played a part.


Press the Center/Action button or tap to open the weight picker screen to change your weight value.  You do not need to weigh yourself or update this value every day.  It will use the last recorded weight until you change it.


Whether you're measuring your waist, chest, pants size, change the value to reflect where you are.  A simple method of going by your pants size is just fine.  If your size 34 pants are feeling a little more loose than normal today, record 33.  A bit tight?  Enter 35.   Don't worry so much about the accuracy of every measurement. 

Your goal is to get into the habit of frequently recording where you are and how you've been doing to help you stay motivated, see the goal at the end of the road and succeed.

Goal Values

On the right side of the screen you will see your goal values.  The color gives you a quick reference as to how you're doing towards reaching that goal.

As illustrated in the screen, the goal for Yogurt is 2 servings a day.  Right now there are none recorded, so it's colored Red. (This item needs attention)

As you change the number from 0 to 1 to 2, the color will change and eventually turn Green once you've reached your goal for the day.

For "Limit to" type goals, these start out at Green (you haven't had any yet) and go to red once you exceed your limit for the day.

iFitOne Fitness Tracker on Motorola Q9m
If you haven't entered any information into
your log yet, you'll see this informational screen.

iFitOne Mobile Fitness Tracker on Motorola Q9 Global
Tracking your daily diet has never been easier.
iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker on Samsung Blackjack
Use left/right to quickly update the
servings/count as you go through the day.

Some Ideas for Goals

The goals you set don't necessarily need to be for food.

Perhaps you're trying to cut back on cigarettes, or you're using a pedometer and want to set a goal of 5000 steps a day. 

For those of you with email addictions where you're checking your email too often and getting less done as a result, you might set a goal to check your email only three times a day.

The possibilities are endless.  If there is anything in your life that you want to improve on or get under control, create a goal for it in iFitOne and keep track of it on a daily basis to help you reach your goals!


Tracking Your Activity and Exercise

iFitOne makes it easy to quickly record your activity or exercise.  Record the activity, location, time, duration, calories burned and distance.  You can enter as much or as little information as you wish.

Adding an Activity

From the Daily Log screen, press "Activity +" to enter the activity entry screen.

Fill in the Activity Name by pressing the Center/Action button or tapping on the field.


iFitOne Mobile Fitness and Diet Manager - Tracking Exercise
Select your activity from one of the activities in the list, or enter your own.

You may add your own activities to the list and remove any activities that you won't be using.
iFitOne Diet and Fitness Manager - Adding Activities
The Location field works just like the Activity field, and you can use this if you wish to record where the activity took place.iFitOne Diet and Fitness Tracker on Windows Mobile Standard
Optionally fill in the time, duration, distance, calories and notes about your exercise.

To make quick adjustments to the time or calories entries, use the left/right buttons to change the values.  Tap or press the center/action button on these items if you wish to edit their values in a full screen editor.


iFitOne Mobile Diet and Fitness Tracking for Windows Mobile 5
Once you've added the activity, you'll see it appear in your daily log above your diet goals.

You may add as many activities as you wish each day.

iFitOne Mobile Fitness and Weight Loss Tracking for Windows Mobile 6
Seeing your Results

Once you've entered your log for the day, your results will show up in the iFitOne Monthly View, Chart and Summary Views.

Monthly View

The Month will display your weight and size on every day that you've updated your daily log.

The icon displayed here shows your mood/feeling for that day, however you can change this to show:
- Activity Status
- Weight trend
- Size trend

Use Menu > Icon to change the type of icon that is displayed for each day.

To change from the Month View to the Chart View or Summary Views, simply tap on the screen or press the Center/Action button.

iFitOne Mobile Weight Loss Manager - Month View
Chart View

We're only showing one day here (the first day of using iFitOne), so there isn't a whole lot to see yet.

We've included a more complete image below to give you an idea of how it might look after using it for a few months.

The Chart view can display weight, size and mood (or any combination of these three) at the same time.

Use the Menu options or press left/right to quickly change what's displayed in the Chart.

Your goal values are shown at the bottom.  In this example, the weight scale is at the left and the size scale is at the right.

To change from the Chart View to the Month View or Summary Views, simply tap on the screen or press the Center/Action button.

TIP: Save the images and send them to yourself or a friend to show them how you've been doing!

Use Menu > Image > Email/Save to save the image.

iFitOne Mobile Diet and Fitness Tracking - Charts and Graphs

iFitOne Weight Loss and Size Chart on Windows Mobile

Summary View

The iFitOne Summary View consists of the following pages:
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Activity
  • Diet goals (one or more pages)

iFitOne gives you a great snapshot of how you've been doing towards reaching your diet and fitness goals.


The Weight page provides details on your weight loss as well as a recommendation as to how many calories you would need to burn with exercise (in the absence of any dieting) to keep on track with your weight loss goals.

So even if you don't cut back on calories in your diet, this can give you an idea of how much exercise you can do to keep dropping the weight.


Much like the Weight page, you'll get a great overview of how you are doing towards reaching your goal size.   You'll also see on average, how many days it takes to lose a size.


The Activity Page tells you how many times you've recorded activities since you started using iFitOne.

It's motivational to see just how many calories you've burned (if you're tracking calories in your activity entries) as well as a summary of your average exercise time per week.


Mobile Diet Tracking software for Windows Mobile - Weight Loss Summary

Mobile Weight Loss tracking software for Windows Mobile phones - Weight Loss Summary

iFitOne will keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals!

iFitOne Mobile Diet and Fitness Manager - So easy to use

Your Goals - How are you doing?

See at a glance how you've been doing at keeping up with your daily goals.

A percentage of success is calculated for every day that you update your iFitOne daily log and the average is displayed to help you see how well you've been doing and to focus on those areas that need work.

There are 6 or 7 goals displayed per page.  The number of pages depends upon the number of daily goals that you have set.


iFitOne - Daily Goals Summary - Stay motivated to succeed with your diet and weight loss goals!

Staying Motivated with Reminders

Now that we've covered the basics of getting your profile and goals set up, let's see how iFitOne can help you remember to keep your information up to date, every day.

Configuring Reminders

From the iFitOne options page, go to 'Daily Entry Reminders'.

Press the Center/Action button or tap on the entry.


iFitOne Daily Entry Reminders - so you don't forget to keep your fitness and diet logs up to date!

You may choose up to three reminders to be put into your calendar every day to help remind you to update your iFitOne daily log.

If you're synchronizing your calendar on your mobile device with your desktop, Exchange or any other calendar application, you'll also see the reminders there as well, so you're sure not to forget to keep your daily records up to date.

If you use shared calendars, you may wish to choose that these reminders be flagged as 'Private' so that others who have access to your shared calendar won't see the reminders.

Select a reminder status to suit your own preferences.  You may choose from Busy, Free, Out of Office and Tentative.  This status typically affects how the item is displayed (usually by color) within the calendar application on your mobile device and/or the calendar application that you may be synchronizing with.

Customizing your iFitOne daily reminder options

Illustrated in this image is how your iFitOne daily reminders will show up in your calendar using our Agenda One time management solution.

It will also appear in any calendar application that you may be using on your mobile device as well.

As you can see here, iFitOne has also set up an iFitOne icon to be associated with the iFitOne reminders.


iFitOne daily reminders - shown in Agenda One for Windows Mobile
iFitOne daily reminder shown in Agenda One

iFitOne daily reminders in Outlook Mobile
iFitOne daily reminder in Outlook Mobile calendar

Daily Status Reports in your Calendar

There's no better way to stay motivated than to see how you've been doing and to see your progress as often as possible to keep you focused and thinking about what you need to do to succeed.

If you enable the 'Save Daily Log to Calendar' feature (found in iFitOne options), iFitOne will place a daily summary update in your calendar.

When you sync to your PC calendar or other calendar application, you'll also have a nice reminder there of how you've been doing as well as seeing your goals, day after day.

iFitOne daily fitness/weight status in Agenda One, syncs with your Exchange, Outlook or other calendar application
iFitOne daily status shown in Agenda One

This is how the Daily Status Report will look in your calendar.  We are showing the Agenda One appointment viewer in this screen shot.

iFitOne Diet and Fitness Manger - daily reminders in Agenda One, syncs with your Exchange, Outlook or other calendar application
iFitOne daily status in Agenda One

iFitOne daily reminders in Outlook Mobile, syncs with your Exchange, Outlook or other calendar application
iFitOne daily status in Outlook Mobile calendar

iFitOne Summary

We've given you an overview of iFitOne and hopefully some ideas of how it can fit into your plans to get fit, lose weight and start on the road to a healthier and happier life.

Losing weight isn't easy, but with the help of iFitOne keeping you motivated to follow through with your daily goals, we believe you can succeed!

What makes iFitOne great is that it's designed to be as simple as possible by focusing on the basic ideas of daily motivation, keeping your goals in mind, helping you interact with it, each and every day.

There are countless other complex solutions out there that take too much time, are frustrating to use, and regardless of all of the details they can track are useless if you don't use them every day.

We're confident that you'll find iFitOne easy to use.  It doesn't take a lot of your time to keep your information up to date.  The friendly charts and summaries will help you keep the big picture in mind and keep you excited about reaching the next level of fitness and perhaps fitting into those pants that you haven't been able to wear in years.

We sincerely hope that you'll love iFitOne and would love to hear your feedback and comments.

-The Developer One Team

Get Started with iFitOne Today and see what it can do for you!


Registering iFitOne
To register iFitOne and remove the trial time limitations:

If you have not yet purchased your license of iFitOne, please click here to purchase online.

With your purchase, you will receive an ID and 12-digit Registration Code.

From the main iFitOne views, use Menu > Enter Registration Code.

Enter the ID and Code you have received, then press Continue to register iFitOne.

In the Registration Code field, entering spaces is optional.  If the registration code you receive is 123456789012, you may enter it as:

123 456 789 012  or  123456789012


Saving Images or Sending them by E-mail
iFitOne makes it easy to capture any of the displays as an image and save as an image file or to send to yourself or someone else via e-mail.

From the Menu in iFitOne, select Image > Save or E-mail.

When saving an image, you will be shown a confirmation telling you where the image has been stored on your device.  The image name includes the name of the iFitOne view as well as the date and time that you captured the image.

When sending the image as an email attachment, the image will be saved.  You will then be prompted to select an e-mail account to use to send the e-mail.


iFitOne Diet and Wellness Tracker - Saving images of your progress

iFitOne Fitness and Diet Tracking Solution - Image confirmation

iFitOne Diet and Weight Loss management application - Sending image of your progress via e-mail or MMS


Download a free trial of iFitOne diet, fitness and weight loss manager 

iFitOne Diet and Fitness Manager Software for Windows Mobile
Helping you make your diet, fitness and weight loss goals a reality!

iFitOne software is compatible with all Windows Mobile 5 and later:
Pocket PC/Professional/Classic and
Smartphone/Standard devices
Now compatible with Windows Phone!

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