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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Stay motivated, lose weight and get fit with iFitOne for Windows MobileiFitOne for Windows Mobile - Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss Tracking and Motivation Made Easy!

iFitOne - Mobile Diet, Weight Loss and Fitness Manager

iFitOne makes Diet and Fitness tracking simple and fun...
You'll stay motivated to succeed!

Keep your New Year's Resolutions!

iFitOne - Mobile Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy


A new you starts today!

Compatible with all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices.  Now compatible with Windows Phone

A great motivational companion to help you succeed with your weight loss and diet goals!

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Daily reminders to record your diet/exercise, friendly graphs and summaries will keep you on track.

Failed with previous attempts at losing weight? 

Do you lose your motivation along the way?

Want to fit into your skinny jeans again?

Then it's time to try iFitOne!

Personal note from John at Developer One:

"I know what it's like to put on weight, and to lose the weight loss battle over and over again.  Seven years ago I finally found that it was daily motivation to keep trying, focusing on the basics of my diet and pushing myself to exercise every day and keeping track of it that helped me succeed and change my life.

I took off 100 pounds from my highest weight and have kept it off now for over 7 years using the same simple and effective daily checklist concept that iFitOne brings to you.

Forget the tedious calorie tracking!  Focus on the eating the good, staying away from the bad, getting exercise and above all, keeping track of it every single day.

We know you'll love how easy iFitOne fits into your life and it's daily reminders will help you stick to your goals."

Try iFitOne today and see how it can help you stay motivated to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.  You have everything to lose!

For all Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 and later devices

Purchase iFitOne online
Special $14.95!
Download a free trial of iFitOne - diet and fitness tracking made fun
Help and Frequently Asked Questions
View more product screen shots

Getting Started with iFitOne Diet & Fitness Tracker

Diet and fitness tracking made easy for your Windows Mobile phone

Going from Fatty to Skinny - A message from John

See more screen shots of iFitOne!

Lose the Weight, Feel Better, Get ready for swimsuit season...
whatever your reason...  iFitOne can help!

Version1.1 (Build 2057)  view update history 
Date 29 January 2009
CompatibilityWindows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 Standard, Professional and Classic
Windows Mobile 6.5 / Windows Phone
iFitOne Compatibility Guide
The fast, easy and fun way to stay motivated and succeed with your diet, weight and fitness goals.

iFitOne is a breakthrough solution that makes getting fit and losing weight fun and helps you to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals!

iFitOne turns your mobile device into an amazing motivational tool that helps you to succeed.

Easily setup your weight loss and daily diet/serving goals. Quickly record the exercise/activities you’ve done for the day.

Motivational graphs, summaries and daily reminders will keep you focused.   See the screen shots

iFitOne is ideal for anyone that wants to work towards living a healthier life, fit into their skinny jeans again, or simply feel better!

You don't need to be an exercise junkie or health nut to enjoy the benefits of iFitOne. We left out all of the complicated 'features' that you'll find in hard-core dieting/training solutions, and for very good reasons.

iFitOne is for everyone that’s struggled to stick with a fitness and diet plan (myself included). We want you to succeed with your goals and help make your journey fun and more rewarding.

What makes iFitOne great?

  • No Calorie Counting!
    iFitOne focuses on helping you master the basics. The idea is simple. Eat the good stuff, limit the junk/fatty food and get some exercise. We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. Where iFitOne shines is with its friendly reminders and fantastic summaries that show you how you’re doing and what you need to focus on.
    Set your goals and track your daily intake of water, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. Want to cut down on soda? Set a goal for that and adjust it as you go.
  • Friendly, Fast and Easy to Use
    Your life is busy enough. iFitOne won’t get in your way.
    Quickly update your daily log and check off what you've eaten or record your exercise time. Within seconds you can check-off items, see how you're doing towards your goals and update exercise/activity items. Get back to what you were doing in an instant.
    We want you to love using it every day. iFitOne keeps everything simple, fast and friendly. Try it for a few weeks and see for yourself!
  • You'll Stay Motivated
    Easy to view graphs and summary screens display your progress at a glance. See how you’ve been doing at meeting your daily water consumption or keep an eye on the amount of junk food that you’ve been sneaking in the middle of the night.
    Save graphs or summary pages and even email them to yourself or others!
  • We Won't Let You Forget!
    The iFitOne automatic reminders, placed in your calendar (up to three daily) will kindly remind you to keep your information up to date.
    If you're synchronizing your mobile calendar to a desktop/web calendar, you'll automatically see your reminders there too! Your daily progress can also be saved to your calendar to let you see your results within any calendar application you may be synchronizing with.
  • I’m on the Atkins/Grapefruit/Hollywood Diet/Etc… Can I still use it?
    Yes!  Set your own daily goals according to what you want to achieve and iFitOne will remind you to stick to them and check them off every day.  Customize your own goals.  You’re in charge!
    Set daily goals and track your Weight Watchers points, it's easy!

The mission of iFitOne is to make it easy and fun for you to stick to your diet, fitness and weight loss goals, whatever they may be, remind you to do it every day, and help motivate you to achieve the results that you’re looking for.

"I love it!  It's straightforward, simple and I might even say fun!   I've purchased at least three different apps over the years and never used any of them.  This is totally different!  I plan to drop you a note once I've reached my first milestone.  Thanks for thinking of real people with iFitOne!" - Danny R

"I purchased iFitOne after using the trial for several days. I really like the approach the application takes, in a dead-simple way to become conscious of portions and activity, without having to do a lot of typing or scrambling to add new foods to a database with the exact calories, fat count, etc.  Thank you for creating this unique application!" - Julio O.

"I'm not even sure I can count how many fitness/exercise/diet software programs I have tried over the years.  But I will tell you one thing - your iFit One is the first one where I have actually used it more than a week or so.  The idea is so simple and easy to follow that I'm kind of giddy with excitement to fill in my logs and see how I'm doing.  I will be more than happy to recommend this to my circle of friends, all of whom are trying (again) to lose a little weight.  Sincerest thanks!" - Amanda D.

"As the McDonalds commercial goes 'I'm lovin it'! (bad reference maybe?) Anyhow, I bought this with the idea of tracking my Weight Watchers points and this has now replaced the pad of paper I use to keep with me.  I showed some of the other girls at my meeting and they were just blown away with the idea.  I find that printing out the data is a great way to bring my results to my meeting and discuss issues as well as review it myself on a weekly basis.  You've done a great thing here and I just wanted to say thanks to you and congrats to John!  Now if I can only get my husband to try it :)" - Jenn R.

Get started with your free trial... A new you starts today with iFitOne!

See more of what iFitOne can do to help you with your weight loss goals Download your free trial of iFitOne 

Languages Currently Available: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French and Chinese

We will be adding support for more languages based on your requests.
If you are interested in assisting with or proof-reading translations in your language, please let us know  Thank you!
Agenda One Update / Upgrade Policy
When purchasing a license for iFitOne, you will receive an ID and Registration Code that will be valid for all of the updates within a major series of the product.

For example, if you purchase iFitOne when the current version is at 1.2, your registration code will be valid for all of the Version 1.x updates. (i.e. Version 1.5, 1.9)

There is no guarantee as to the number of (minor version) updates that will occur in any major version of the product.  New major version updates are planned to occur approximately every 6 to 12 months, and/or when updates to the Windows Mobile operating system demand product revisions for compatibility.

Your continued feedback helps us understand what features you need.  We welcome all of your comments and continually review all of your suggestions for inclusion in future product updates.

How to update your copy iFitOne
You may update iFitOne directly from your device by going to the "About" screen and selecting Menu > Check for updates
If the newest update is a major version higher than the installed version (i.e. you have Version 1.5 installed, and Version 2.0 is available), you will be prompted before installing that this new version may require the purchase of an upgrade.

Download a free trialPurchase iFitOne Online

Intro: Getting Started with iFitOne

Developer One and iFitOne are Registered Trademarks and/or Trademarks
of Developer One, Inc.

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Exercise Software for Windows Mobile devices.
Get Motivated.  Have Fun.  Succeed with your goals!


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Try iFitOne today and succeed with your diet and fitness goals!
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