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CodeWallet Pro 2006 / Version 6 Series6.62

Update Notes
Version 6.62

Desktop Changes:

bulletMiscellaneous user interface improvements for "Help" menu and dialog boxes.

Mobile Changes:

bulletImproved handling of custom icons
bulletImproved the ease of 6.x upgrade for OEM builds such as the "O2 Atom Life" and "O2 Xda Atom Exec".
Version 6.60 :  4 April 2007
Desktop and Mobile Changes:
bulletImproved installation and synchronization configuration for the Windows Vista Operating System.
bulletOptimized synchronization for wallets with large number of cards and folders.
Version 6.56 :  30 March 2007
Desktop and Mobile Changes:
bulletImproved the synchronization of changed items when synchronizing your mobile device with more than one desktop PC running CodeWallet Pro.
Version 6.54 :  26 March 2007
Desktop and Mobile Changes:
bulletImproved wallet update process of version 6.50 to better handle large wallet files on the mobile device.
bulletCorrected issue where previous wallet would not update because password was not recognized.
Version 6.50 :  23 February 2007
Desktop and Mobile Changes:
bulletUpdated security/encryption methods. When opening a wallet file that has not yet been opened with CodeWallet Pro 6.50 or later, your wallet file will automatically be updated to incorporate new security changes and changes to support enhanced secure synchronization.
bulletOn input of a password you are now required to select "OK" or "Done" to complete the password entry for security purposes.

Desktop Changes:

bulletFixed issue with renaming cards directly in the wallet card list.
bulletImprovements to the display and printing of icons.

Mobile Changes:

bulletFixed date picker when editing cards on Pocket PC to allow the selection of a month from the popup calendar.
bulletAdded new resolution icons for sharper display on QVGA resolution Smartphones.
bulletEnhanced the layout of some screens for landscape display on Pocket PC and Smartphone.
bulletAdded new color selection screen for the Pocket PC.
bulletWallet selection list upgraded look on Pocket PC version (matches Smartphone look).
bulletFile picker for custom selections in card editing updated for ease of use.
bulletEnhancements to support new resolutions for devices running Windows Mobile 6.
bulletMoved to a single application that runs on both Pocket PC and Smartphone devices.


Version 6.14 :  8 December 2006
Desktop and Mobile Changes:
bulletAdded capability to 'Seek to source' card in the tree from the 'Favorites' and "Search Results" folder. After searching for a card you can "Right Click" on it and choose "Seek to source" or Select it and choose Options - Seek to source. This will display the location of the card in the tree rather than just opening the card.
bulletCorrected a registry issue to allow longer path names for the Sync Folder.
bulletAdded Czech language version.
bulletEnhanced the German language translations.

Desktop Changes:

bulletCorrected display issue that occurred when deleting cards that also had a shortcut in the favorites folder.
bulletCorrected a focus issue when creating a new card. The edit mode has the focus on the card name now.

Mobile Changes:

bulletCorrected icon selection issue that made it difficult to select icons from the bottom of the list.
bulletCorrected a dialog re-entrancy issue. Application shouldn't freeze or quit if certain dialogs are selected from the menu twice in a row.


Version 6.11 : 16 October 2006
Mobile Changes:
bulletAdded ability to create a new wallet on a storage card from within CodeWallet on a WM5 device. Previously, the wallet file could only synced to a storage card if it was manually copied to the storage card.
bullet'My Sample Wallet' is no longer replaced on re-installation. If a user modified the sample wallet, their changes won't be undone if they reinstall CodeWallet Pro. However, if a user uninstalls Codewallet, it will leave a copy of 'My Sample Wallet' on the device.
bulletMade change to word completion handling after entry of password in CodeWallet.
bulletWhen "Opera" is the default browser, made change so that "Opera" will not freeze the device when a link is activated more than once.
bulletModified Help File to clarify that Import option is not available on the Smartphone.

Desktop changes:

bulletWhen the scroll wheel on a mouse was used to navigate the field editor in the card properties, if the selection went past the last entry, it looped back to the top. Now it will stay at the last entry.
bulletAdded chronological sorting to the date/time modification column when a folder is selected.
bulletMade change to correct issue where on exit a card would sometimes unnecessarily appear as being 'modified'.
bulletAdded brief encryption description to 'about' dialog.
Version 6.10 : 21 August 2006

Desktop and Mobile Changes:

bulletCodeWallet will now recognize the default browser for URL types when selecting them (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer) instead of just IE.
bulletImproved conversion of CodeWallet version 3.x notes fields over to version 6.x notes field. The 'special' note field now remains 'special' and not just another field named 'Notes'.
bulletWhen changing a wallet password, wallet files are now immediately re-encrypted for added security.
bulletCustom icons storage fix. Should reduce or eliminate the instances of incorrect icons being displayed in place of other icons when custom icons are added to your wallet.

Desktop/USB related changes:

bulletPotential memory leak resolved in desktop version.
bulletCorrected issue that in certain circumstances may cause field duplication.
bulletOn a USB installation where the host computer has never had CodeWallet installed, a CodeWallet sync directory will be created on the USB drive root (USB:\CodeWalletProSyncFolder). The initial directory for opening/creating wallets will be set to the sync directory (USB:\CodeWalletProSyncFolder).
bulletOn a USB installation where the host computer has had CodeWallet installed, the sync directory setting will remain unchanged.
Version 6.05 : 12 June 2006

Corrected problem with Security Time Out.
Under certain circumstances Mobile Device may have become unresponsive when Security Time Out limit was reached. Corrected for both Mobile and Desktop editions.

Version 6.04 : 25 May 2006
bulletImproved icon selection via the navigation pad on CodeWallet Pro 2006 Mobile version.
Icon selection with the navigation pad now works with the Pocket PC. Previously it only worked with the stylus.
bulletCorrected problem with cut-paste on CodeWallet Pro 2006 Mobile version.
Under certain circumstances Copy and Paste would cause application to exit. Drag and drop did not have the same issue. This is now resolved.

bulletGeneral translation updates on CodeWallet Pro 2006 Mobile and Desktop version.
Based on customer feedback made updates to several translations.

Version 6.02 : 28 April 2006
bulletCorrected problem with multiple registration prompts
Corrected an issue that was causing multiple prompts for registration code when installing Desktop/PC Companion edition to USB memory stick/memory card.
bulletFixed crash on synchronization
There were a few reports of crashing during the synchronization process with the Desktop Edition.  This has been resolved.

bulletExit menu option re-enabled in this build for the Windows Mobile edition.
An incorrect registry configuration was preventing the Exit menu from appearing within the main menu for CodeWallet Pro.

Version 6.0 : 18 April 2006


Please see this page for all of the details and features in the
Version 6.0 release of CodeWallet Pro...


Developer One CodeWallet Pro Version 6 Series for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows PCs
Release/Update/Fix Notes
Changes and New Features for CodeWallet Pro 6 for Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone including Palm Treo 700w, JasJar, and O2 XDA Atom, iPaq..., Motorola Q, and more.

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