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Using Contact Linking in Agenda One



This overview will help you take advantage of the Contact Linking feature in Agenda One Version 2 and later. 

Contact linking lets you link a contact with one or more contacts.  Linking is ideal for grouping information about project members together within one contact. 

Let's say that Janice is a Lead Project Manager, who has several assistants that you also frequently need to get in touch with when you cannot reach Janice.

You make a call to Janice, find out that she's out of the office, and you desperately need to get in touch with someone to get answers.  Simply view the note of Janice's contact record and you'll find links to her project assistants. 

These hyperlinks will take you directly to those contact records where you can make a call or send an e-mail.    It's the perfect way to help organize your information and bring it all together in a easy-to-use fashion!


Getting Started

Let's jump into the Agenda One Contact View. 

We'll add Janice's assistants to her Contact Note record, and at the same time, Agenda One will create hyperlinks to those contacts.

Use Menu > Note to open the Contact Note for Janice. 
Use the Edit menu/command to go into note editing mode. 
Let's add a contact link/reference.

Select Menu > Insert Contact > Name only

Let's choose one of Janice's project associates. 

In this example, we'll choose David Barkley.
Results!  Not only has David Barkley's name been added to Janice's contact note, but this also serves as a hyperlink to David's record when you are viewing the note within Agenda One! 
Let's add one more related contact.

This time we'll choose "Name + number/email" to add some additional information to the note record.

We'll choose to add Sarah Taylor, Janice's "go-to, has-all-the-answers" assistant. 
Janice's two assistants are now included (and hyperlinked) within the notes of her contact record.  In addition, we have also added the telephone number of Sarah for even faster access should you need it. 
Back in the Contact's view, you will now see that a Note icon is displayed next to Janice. 
Let's use Menu > Note to see the final results and just how this contact linking feature really works... 
As we view Janice's contact Note in Agenda One, we can see that the two contacts that we added are hyperlinked, as well as the phone number for Sarah.

Simply tap on the name or select it with the navigation pad to jump right to the linked contact.

Note: The hyperlinks shown here are only displayed when viewing the contact note record using the Agenda One Menu > Note command.  The built-in contact viewer will not include the hyperlinks as detailed here.

Activating the hyperlink on David Barkley takes you right to his contact record.  Make your call, send an email, it's up to you.


Wrap Up

We hope that you will be able to take advantage of the Contact Linking feature in Agenda One to help you better stay in touch and organized with your Outlook contacts.





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