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Agenda Fusion 8 Series
8.706 March 2009

Update Notes
Version 8.70 : 6 March 2009
Addressed several issues with Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 regarding notes attached to appointments and tasks where several trailing letters may have been lost upon editing an items notes.
Corrects Agenda Fusion Journaling option (Windows Mobile 5/6/6.1) where checking off/completing tasks was not always being recorded in the journal when the option to enable this journaling feature was turned on.
Updates to better handle date formatting for some combinations of regional date format settings that were causing the dates displayed to be truncated in some views.
Correction to search feature where searches containing some non-alphanumeric characters would fail to find the matching item.
Added feature to duplicate all links when saving an Appointment as a Task, or saving a Task as an Appointment.
Version 8.60 : 5 November 2007
Resolves issue of the loss of Year View coloring settings.  Depending on how Agenda Fusion was launched, if Agenda Fusion was re-launched using several different view-launching shortcuts, it was possible that the color settings for the Year-View would be reset.
Corrected issue of Appointment and Task notes not properly displaying under all circumstances.
Update to resolve issue with HTC Touch regarding the updating of the display after changes to appointments and tasks.
Improved support for devices with Far East language/locale settings.
Reduced RAM memory requirements to improve speed for loading of contact information.
Version 8.50 : 20 April 2007

Now fully Windows Mobile 6 Compatible!

 Optimized Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 6 compatibility with the following device formats:
WM6 Classic (Pocket PC)
WM6 Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
WM6 Professional Square (240x240)
WM6 Professional Square (320x320)
WM6 Professional Square VGA (480x480)
WM6 Professional VGA (640x480)

Pocket PC 2002/2003 and Windows Mobile 5/6 Changes

Enhancements to high resolution icon display with VGA devices like the E-TEN Glofiish X800, O2 Xda Flame, Gigabyte g-Smart t600 and Dell Axim X50V.
Enhancements for Square Screen devices like the Palm Treo 700/750 and iPAQ hw6900 series.
Resolved issue where Project reports would not always properly save.
Fixed issue in Project View where contacts having only company names may not display properly.
Resolved issue with appointment and Task templates that affected some users with certain regional settings.
Resolved reminder issue with Recurring appointments with start dates earlier than the current date.

Version 8.30 : 23 February 2007

Pocket PC 2002/2003 Changes

When in the year view of calendar, clicking on a month name would take the user to the current month, not the month clicked on. This action will now take the user to selected month.
When selecting "go to day in month" from calendar view drop-down menu, the view was updated to the current date, not the date selected. This has been fixed.
The call log was being truncated both when in landscape mode and on square screen devices. This has been fixed.
Updated category icon handling on VGA devices. Issue: non-VGA icons appeared very small when displayed on VGA device. Fix: Non-VGA icons are now upsized to double their original size prior to saving in category directory.
Updated calendar year view: Added year to navigation bar when in landscape mode
Fixed issue with navigation pad not working in year view when entering from upper-right hand view-selection pop-up menu. Entering the view from the lower-left hand view selection tab was functional prior to this fix.

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

Corrected issue with notes attached to recurring appointments. Notes attached to the series of appointments could not be deleted. Notes attached to a single occurrence of a recurring appointment would "disappear" when the appointment was saved.
Fixed issue of task icons showing in the month view when "Include Tasks" was set to 'No'.
Fixed display of All-day single occurrence in the hourly week view.
Fixed issue of invalid error message when changing the date of a single occurrence of a recurring appt to a valid date

Changes to Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2002/2003

The task view was not automatically updating when midnight rollover caused a date change. This has been fixed.
Corrected situation where contact preview view was not showing all information when displayed in landscape mode or on square screens.
Updated appointment editor in German language version for VGA resolution devices.
When selecting a category image folder, changes to the image folder did not take effect. This has been fixed.
Corrected appointment preview problem where attendees of the appointment would not display.
Color changes to the Year view were not always saving on exit. This has been corrected.
Version 8.20 : 11 January 2007

Updates primarily to address issues with Windows Mobile 5.

Fixed issue with registered add-ins not showing in context menus when performing a tap-and-hold on the calendar but not on a particular item. This was affecting some applications such as "City Time" and VidaOne "MySportTraining".
Added ability to remove contact photo in contact view. This is accomplished by selecting "Remove Picture" from tap-and-hold context menu.
Resolved issue with calendar tap-n-hold commands (new appt, new task, paste) not always working as expected.
Resolved issue with moving a single occurrence of a recurring appointment to a prior date. 
When performing a copy/paste operation of an appointment, the note was not being transferred with the appointment. This has been resolved.
Deleting one occurrence of a repeating appointment was causing the directly assigned icon to disappear from all occurrences. This has been resolved.
Month view was showing category icons when view options have been set to hide them. This has been resolved.
When adding a task via the calendar view, the default reminder time will now accurately reflect the Options setting for default task reminder time. Prior to this change the reminder time was blank and needed to be manually set.
New: Email call log feature has been added. When previewing a contact, the user may select "Email Call Log" from the "Tools" menu bar item. This will launch the Pocket Outlook email dialog with the call log attached (Windows Mobile 5 only).

Click here to see an example of what the Emailed Agenda Fusion Call Log will look like

Version 8.10 : 3 November 2006

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

Users now have the ability to hide the Agenda Fusion icon in the system tray. The "Show Icon in System Tray" global option has been added and defaults to "Yes". When "No" is selected the icon is hidden.
When more than two icons were displayed on any one day in the monthly view, icons became very small on VGA devices. Small icon size was defaulting to 10x10 -- too small for VGA. Added new default (20x20) for VGA screens.
When entering Agenda Fusion from the registration screen or another program, and with the software keyboard showing, the view would not fill entire screen. This would leave a gap between the tab strip and menu bar that exposed part of the today screen or other running program. Other times no gap existed but the tab strip was missing. This has been fixed.
Made German translation changes to project timers dialog. "On", "At", and "For" terms were literally translated. These have been changed to "Datum" (date), "@", and "Zeit" (time) respectively.
Appointments beginning and ending on 00:00 of the same day show were not showing in calendar views. This has been fixed.
Adjusted Contact Preview Default dialog form to better accommodate square screen devices.
Updated "About" screen to better fit on square screen devices. Some information and graphics were being cut off by the bottom of the screen.
Appointment and task templates would not display properly when the regionalized date format differed from US English (mm dd yyyy). This has been changed so that it is now regionalized.
When converting an appointment to a task and vice versa, we now use the appointment/task's original date and time instead of the current date and time.
Appointments templates now will support the Notes field. 
Items in the "Select Filter" list view were not sorted alphabetically. This has been fixed.

Pocket PC 2002/2003 Changes

Corrected issue where Power Text may become marked as "Read Only" which also prevented it from being edited or modified.


Version 8.09 : 10 August 2006

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

Corrected issue with Task Preview closing unexpectedly in certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
Synchronized WM5 and PPC 2002/2003 version numbers to 8.09.
Version 8.08 : 28 July 2006

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

In some circumstances when using a Task template, the template date of 12/31/1999 would override a previously selected date. This has been fixed.
Agenda Fusion v8.07 initial load time was slower than v8.06, particularly with the Task view.  v8.08 is now faster than v8.06.
Further optimized loading of data in Agenda Fusion to speed startup times in Calendar and Contact Views.
Synchronized WM5 and PPC 2002/2003 version numbers to v8.08.
Version 8.07 : 12 July 2006

Windows Mobile 5 Changes (Pocket PC 2002/2003 remains at 8.05)

Fixed bug in appointment notes where notes icon was not always properly displayed. 
Content of the Notes was not affected and continued to properly synchronize.

Added Notes extension (.pwi) to the file picker used to link files to items.
This change makes it easier to link Notes to another item such as a Contact, Task or Appointment. 
Added error logging capability.
A very small log file now may reside in the Agenda Fusion directory and is named "DevOne.log". This log file can be used for troubleshooting only if one chooses to e-mail the file to D1. No more than 64 KB of storage space will ever be used by logs.

Version 8.06 : 09 June 2006

Windows Mobile 5 Changes

Categories are now semi-permanent. 
Once added a category will remain in the database even if it is not associated with a PIM item.  Prior to this change unassigned categories were deleted by the WM5 operating system.

Note: The category must be added or edited in Agenda Fusion (such as adding a color or icon) to be semi-permanent.  Categories can also now be created without assigning them immediately to a PIM item.
Once added, categories can be deleted through the category manager as long as they are not assigned to a PIM item.
Year view "View selected day with" option was not appearing in options editor on VGA devices.  This has been resolved.  
If there was no data to display in the contacts view, initial contacts added would not show until the app was re-started.  Also, if all contacts were deleted, the last contact to be deleted would show in contact view until the view was refreshed.  This has been fixed.
Colors in Month View are now properly colored if customized.
The first recurring appointment per day inherited the proper color, but the second recurring appointment showed a white background.  This has been fixed.

Removed Log file that could potentially conflict with ActiveSync.

Pocket PC 2002/2003 Changes (8.05): 

bulletCalendar navigation via the D-pad in the year view did not work if the calendar view was chosen by the upper right hand corner drop down menu in AF.  This has been fixed.
bulletWhen in year view of calendar, clicking on a month header would take the user to the current month, not the month clicked on.  This action will now take the user to selected month.
bulletSelecting "go to day in month" was going to the current date, not date selected.  This has been fixed.
bulletWhen setting the Year View "View selected day with" option to "week" or "hourly week", the change was lost when AF was exited and restarted.  This has been fixed.
bulletYear view “View selected day with” option was not appearing in options editor on VGA devices.  This is now resolved.
bulletIf there was no data to display in the contacts view, initial contacts added would not show until the app was re-started.  Also, if all contacts were deleted, the last contact to be deleted would show in contact view until the view was forcibly refreshed.  This has been fixed.
Version 8.04 : 05 May 2006 (Changes in this build are only for Windows Mobile 5 devices)
Resolved issue where some devices were unable to launch the photo picker when attempting to assign a photo to a contact.
Resolved issue in the Year View of calendar, clicking on a month header would take the user to the current month, not the month clicked on.
Resolved issue where selecting "go to day in month" was going to the current date, not date selected.
Updated the confirmation message box when deleting a recurring appointment.
Text now clarifies that tapping 'Yes' will delete the series and tapping 'No' will delete only the occurrence.
When assigning category images, users were required to remove an existing icon assignment by pressing the '-' button prior to assigning it again.
Now simply tapping the '+' button will assign the icon to the category in one step.

When setting the Year View "View selected day with" option to "week" or "hourly week", the change was lost if AF was exited and restarted. This has now been resolved.
Resolved issue where colors for tentative and out of office events were reversed in month view.
Resolved issue where Fusion Find was not always properly displaying all categories. 
If an item found with Fusion Find was directly edited within Find, no categories were displaying in the category dialog.
Resolved issue where tapping on a phone number in the contact preview dialog, phone enabled devices would not dial out.
In addition, the phone log will now refresh immediately after dialing a number from the preview dialog.
Removed underlining of phone numbers in contact previews of non-phone enabled devices.
The underlining implied that tapping the number would perform an action, possibly misleading the user.
Attempted deletion of recurring appointments was resulting in a blank message box with the caption "Error".
Deletion will now occur properly and the message box will no longer display.

Version 8.03 : 26 April 2006

Corrected issues in Windows Mobile 2002/2003 build
Corrected issue for month view processing that caused flickering. 
Updated German language version to enable/disable two line display mode in Contacts view.


Improvement to installer for Windows Mobile 5
Will no longer prompt/force users to uninstall the previous version when upgrading within the Version 8 series (i.e. Going from Version 8.00 to 8.03).  This helps eliminate issues that some users encounter when applying updates.  The uninstall-before-reinstall is normally forced by Windows Mobile 5.
Reviewed and updated several language translations
Also resolved issue of a button that was cut-off in the menubar display of the appointment editor in the 2002/2003 build for several languages.

Version 8.02 : 21 April 2006

Tap-and-hold on an item in the calendar view (in an effort to edit an appointment or perform other actions via a popup menu) Agenda Fusion would unexpectedly exit.
In rare cases, symptoms include a white screen or Microsoft error reporting screen. Users most often experienced this behavior when attempting to edit an appointment via the tap/hold menu while the data was not fully loaded.


Add-ins popup menu not displaying from tap/hold menu in Calendar.
In the Windows Mobile 5 build, the pop-up menu that displays 3rd party and built-in Appointment/Contact/Task command extensions was not displaying properly.
Corrected memory issue in handling calendars with an extreme amount of information.
While it's not all that common, we do have users with thousands of calendar entries in a given month.  A memory usage issue was preventing all of the items from being displayed, this has been addressed (only applies to Windows Mobile 5 build)
Added missing text in Dutch language version for Contacts view.
A few translated text items were not available in the Dutch language build. 

Version 8.0 : 18 April 2006


Please see this page for all of the details and features in the
Version 8.0 release of Agenda Fusion...


Developer One Agenda Fusion 8 Series for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
Release/Update/Fix Notes
Changes and New Features for Agenda Fusion 8 for Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Classic, Windows Mobile 2002/2003, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition including Palm Treo 700w, JasJar, and O2 XDA Atom, iPaq... and many more

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