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ProductVersionRelease DateDownload

Agenda Fusion 7 Series
for Windows Mobile 5
7.9303 April 2006

Update Notes: Version 7.50 - 7.93

These release notes reflect changes made to the Windows Mobile 5 compatible build of Agenda Fusion for Pocket PC.

Agenda Fusion v7 and earlier owners:
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Updates in Version 7.93 for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC


Fix to handling of navigation pad in Year View.
Depending on how you activate the Year View, it is possible that the navigation pad / arrow keys do not immediately change the date within the year view.
Corrected Contact template issue.
Contact templates were not always including all of the assigned categories when creating a new item from a template.
Resolved problem in the Project View.
When displaying items with very long text, it was possible that the display would become corrupt and possible cause the exit of Agenda Fusion.
Updates in Version 7.90 for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC
Quick Summary:

We've rolled in all of our changes for the Version 7 series of Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC to resolve remaining issues and make this build the most solid release ever.  Stay tuned for Version 8!

Thanks to all Agenda Fusion users for their feedback, suggestions and bug reports. 
We've put in a lot of time to make sure this release is as solid as possible and we're extremely proud of how far we've come since porting to Windows Mobile 5.

Thank you.

- The Developer One Team.


Fix to Alarm Note Reminders
Depending on the make/model of your Pocket PC, when Alarm Note reminders come due, the operating system would indeed sound the Alarm Note sound and run the Alarm Notes application showing your Note Reminder.  However, not all devices would power on the display.
We've added a workaround which should ensure that this works better on most devices.  We cannot guarantee that it will work on every possible device due to the differences in how the hardware and display drivers handle this, but we've found our fixes to address this on many Pocket PCs that exhibited this problem.
Correction to display of daily recurring appointments
For some appointments that were setup as daily recurring items, if changes were made to one of the occurrences, that change (i.e. a change in the subject of the appointment) may have shown on the day following that specific instance of the appointment.
Categories selection list now shows all categories including inactive categories.
Under Windows Mobile 5, using the Microsoft recommended ways of querying for category information, the operating system will only reports to applications the list of categories that are currently 'in-use'.  Version 7.90 will, from the categories selection screen, now show all categories that are in the categories database, regardless of whether they are used or not.  As an FYI, the categories database (part of Outlook Mobile) maintains the global list of categories and to what items (contacts, tasks, appointments) they are assigned.  If a category exists, but is not currently assigned to an item, when we ask for a list of categories from Outlook Mobile, it excludes those items.  We've modified this functionality so that Agenda Fusion will also include displaying the default categories like "Business, Personal, etc." that may be on the device, but not currently in use.
Re-enabled support for modifying and applying categories used in templates
Due to some changes made for Windows Mobile 5, the functionality of assigning categories to a template is resolved.  As well, the subsequent use of the templates to create new items will now properly apply the categories that were setup in the template to the new item.
Updated Month View category icon display
Resolved the issue of displaying many category icons within a day and having them 'spill out' onto the adjacent day within the month view.
Corrected issue with category icon assignment
In the Windows Mobile 5 build, there was an issue in the Category icon assignment screen.  If you used the '+' button to assign an icon to a category, it may have not been immediately applied when you returned to the normal category selection screen.  Dragging and dropping an icon from the icon list to the category list always worked, it was this particular scenario that was a problem.  This is resolved.
Phone Dial button not always functional from Contact View
This update resolves a conflict that kept the Call/Dial button from working properly from within the Contacts View.
Deleting an item from within Month View would not completely update display
7.90 fixes the problem when deleting an item from within the month view where the details display would not properly refresh it's displayed contents.
Fixed issue of not being able to modify/add a note to a specific occurrence of a recurring appointment
In the prior releases, there were conditions that could have resulted in the primary note for an appointment series taking precedence over any notes added for a specific occurrence of a recurring series.
Alarm Note Reminder 'Delete' button now working as it should
When you tap the red "X" icon when being reminded with an Alarm Note, the alarm note will now be properly dismissed and deleted.
Month view would always display icons for every day of multi-day task items
This release resolves this issue and will now properly use the option of "Show everyday of Multi-day tasks" to either show icons on every day of the task or only on the start and due dates.

Updates in Version 7.85 for WM5

Update to resolve issue of replacing Outlook Mobile links to Agenda Fusion.
When activating the "Use Outlook Mobile links" option, Agenda Fusion will now use the following rules when mapping the Today screen soft key buttons to Agenda Fusion views:

- If the left or right key does not have an existing default mapping (i.e. to contacts, calendar, phone), no Agenda Fusion assignment will be made to that key.

- If the left or right soft key includes a definition in the registry, the soft-keys will be mapped as follows:

1. Calendar will be mapped to Agenda Fusion Today view
2. Contacts will be mapped to Agenda Fusion Contacts view
3. Tasks will be mapped to Agenda Fusion Tasks view
Resolved shortcut issue
Fixed issue where users have reported "FusionViewContacts cannot be opened..." when launching from the soft keys.
Category names now included in search from Fusion Find.
The category names of appointments, tasks and contacts are now included in the search when run from Fusion Find.
Updated display of year in the title bar in Year view.
Changed location of the year number display to make sure it is always visible regardless of how many status icons that you have at the top of the screen.
Changed default keypad left/right action in Contacts view
If installing for the first time or clearing settings and installing, the default action on a press of the left/right navigation pad will now scroll through the communication methods for the selected contact.  (i.e. scrolls from work phone to mobile phone to email, etc.)
Added Ring tone selection from the Agenda Fusion contact editor.
This includes automatic audio preview of the selected ring tone when you change the ring tone from the editor.
For those not yet familiar with how to add their own ring tones to your Pocket PC Phone Edition, copy any *.wma, *.wav, *.mp3 file to the \windows\rings folder on your Pocket PC.  Use the ActiveSync 'Explore' feature from your desktop PC to transfer these files to this folder.  These will then show up as options from the Contact editor's 'ring tone' field.

Updates in Version 7.80 for WM5

Improved Mobile Outlook linking to Agenda Fusion with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.
You should now be able to set Mobile Outlook links to launch Agenda Fusion using the Calendar soft key on Phone enabled Pocket PC's. Before the fix the Calendar soft key sometimes went to the default PIM application rather than Agenda Fusion. This should work again for all devices.
Added ability to move up and down in contacts editing via the navigation pad and keypad.
We will continue to add functionality like this to Agenda Fusion to make it easier  to work in a more "stylus free" manner.

Resolved another issue of PIM add-ins not showing on tap/hold menus.
We found one additional circumstance in which third party add-ins would not be displayed which has now been corrected. 
"Send via Bluetooth" no longer displays twice with tap/hold of appointments.
Resolved issue of PIM extensions registered as both a calendar and task plug-in showing up twice in context menu when performing a tap/hold on an appointment.
Resolved issue where some VGA device's Today screen images or themes were not displaying properly on Agenda Fusion's Today view.
This seems to have been an issue only when changing the default theme or screen image. Images larger than screen size will now be cropped to size, images smaller will be stretched.

Improved "Fusion Find" functionality.
Tasks and Alarm notes are now able to be searched using the "Find" feature.

Fixed issue when linking Contact to Appointment from Contact editor.
In this case the Appointment link would show a blank description in the list of links to that item. You will now see the proper link to the Appointment.


Updates in Version 7.79 for WM5

All Outlook Mobile Plug-ins now supported
Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 now properly displays all built-in and 3rd party PIM add-in menu items via the tap/hold Add-ins context menu.
This release resolves the issue for those not seeing the Dial via Bluetooth menu and several other add-in items (the type of add-ins you will see depends on the make/model of your Pocket PC and if you have other 3rd party applications installed that make PIM menu extensions available)
Spinning/Wait cursor would show up unexpectedly
Resolved the issue that occurred when navigating back to a calendar view where the processing/wait cursor (spinning thing) would be displayed when no data was being processed.
Support for Windows Mobile 5 soft menu keys.
If your Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC has hardware buttons that correspond to the two soft-menu keys at the bottom of the screen, Agenda Fusion will now let you use the left menu key to navigate to the next view and the right menu key will open the Agenda Fusion main menu. 

To gain access to the context menu for a selected item, you may still continue to press/hold the center navigation 'action' button.


Updates in Version 7.78 for WM5

Fixed issue of drag/drop of an item to last day of the month.
When an appointment was updated, and fell on last day of month it would not display until a complete refresh of the data occurred.



Updates in Version 7.77 for WM5

Resolved issue of applying a template from within the Contact editor.
An error in the Windows Mobile build was not properly populating the contact that was being edited from the data contained within the source contact template.


Updates in Version 7.76 for WM5

Corrected sorting of Categories in editor
While the category manager was displaying your category list properly sorted, when creating or editing an item, the categories in the Category tab of the editor were not properly sorted.
Improved display/timing of loading/busy cursor
Agenda Fusion now more appropriately displays the busy cursor when and only when it needs to.  The spinning 'wait' cursor will only appear in a given view if the data for that specific view is still in the process of loading.
Prior to this, you may have encountered the situation where you start up in the Contacts view, all of your contacts are displaying, but the spinning wait cursor was still on the screen because other data (appointments and tasks) may still have been loading.

While we wish you would never have to see the spinning 'wait' cursor at all in Agenda Fusion, we are continuing to look at other optimizations to overcome some of the longer data load times that are due to Windows Mobile 5.
Further fix to dialing
Extended the Version 7.67 fix to telephone dialing from contact list. Now applies to selecting "Dial selected number" from the Contacts View context menu as well as pressing green off-hook/call button on Phone Edition devices.

Related notes:
To dial via Bluetooth, the following apply at this time:
- Your Pocket PC must have Bluetooth dial-up network paired with your mobile phone's Bluetooth modem gateway.
User must select "Bluetooth dialup Modem" from the Agenda Fusion dialing option "Dial my contacts using".

We are still aware of the issue with some iPaq devices and the built-in Bluetooth plug-in that you see from the Outlook Mobile Contacts application.  It appears that this plug-in is not behaving exactly per the recommended specifications for a PIM menu add-in item, and thus it's not showing from within the Agenda Fusion Contact view "Add-ins" context menu.  We believe we have a solution, but are still doing some testing in this area.
Resolved issue of applying categories to new item
Fixed the issue with creating a new item when a filter was currently active. Regardless of the setting of the Global option "Use active category filter", the categories in the current filter were being applied to the new task, contact or appointment that was being created.
Updated Task and Appointment Editor to fix date edit issue
Depending on the order in which you changed the time or date of an appointment or task, after returning from the time editor, it was possible that the pop-up calendar date picker would no longer display until you exited from the editor and re-edited the item.


Updates in Version 7.75 for WM5

Fixed issue with editing meeting appointments
Fixed issue when editing an appointment that had a meeting organizer's name associated with it.  This field is typically populated when someone has forwarded you an appointment and their name is included within the appointment record in the calendar database. This issue is isolated to the Windows Mobile 5 operating system and how it implements reading the data from the calendar database.
Templates issue resolved
Fixed templates issue with Appointments/Tasks/Contacts.
The issue was that Agenda Fusion was prompting users twice for a template name. In addition, not all task templates were being shown in the template selection list when creating a new task.
Enhanced handling of Contact Templates.
In previous releases, Agenda Fusion considered contacts that had a company name, but no first or last name to be company templates.  While this worked out quite well for many cases, in hindsight, it wasn't the best solution.
Going forward, when you create a company template from a contact, it will store the template in your Contacts database (as it has always done), however the contact will now be assigned an additional category named "Templates_AF".
This category is used to define the item as a contact template.  Contacts with this category will not be seen in your Contacts list within Agenda Fusion, and this category will not be visible from within the category lists of Agenda Fusion.

To reiterate, in previous releases, Agenda Fusion would not allow you to have a contact/company template that did not have a company name.  This new method for managing your contact templates also allows you to further tailor your contact templates by including a first/last name if desired, and/or no company name.  Essentially, any Contact can be made into a template by either manually adding the "Templates_AF" category to the item, or from within the Agenda Fusion Contact editor, select Tools->Save as Company Template.

This also allows you to easily create Contact templates from Outlook on your PC.  For example if you want to create a template for a company with the common information like company name, address, etc for re-use in creating new contacts within that company, simply create the contact in Outlook, add the "Templates_AF" category to the item and sync.  This template will then show up in the Agenda Fusion templates selection list when you are creating a new contact.

When upgrading to this version, any Contacts that you have previously had in your templates list will not be included in the templates list unless you apply this new category to those items to flag them as templates.

We believe this to be a much more effective way of managing your contact templates and will help avoid some of the confusion that's been reported of seeing your contact templates combined with your normal contacts listing.

In addition, for the Windows Mobile 5 build, saving a contact as a contact company templates will now save the new WM5 contact fields (Company Telephone Number and Account Name).
Updated filtering of Task templates
Version 7.75 addresses an issue where some tasks that were not templates were being included in the template selection list when creating a new task item or applying a task template while editing a task item.
Fixed problem when deleting one instance of a recurring task.
When deleting a recurring task, and selecting to delete only the current task and not the entire recurring series, the delete operation would succeed, but Agenda Fusion would not receive notification of the change to the task, and hence Agenda Fusion would not update the display to reflect that the task was deleted. Editing the still showing task would open up the task showing all of the proper information.

Details on how recurring tasks work:
Unlike recurring appointments, a task that is marked as recurring behaves as follows: When you check/complete the task, the next instance of the task (based on it's recurring pattern) is generated and stored in the task database (this part is done by the Outlook Mobile system) and a new task is automatically created that starts on that date which now contains the recurring information.

The only instance of a recurring task that exists is the incomplete task that holds the recurrence information as to when the next instance of the task should occur, once the current one is marked complete.

Source of problem: We have found that in Windows Mobile 5, the operating system is not properly sending out a database change notification when this type of action occurs and therefore Agenda Fusion doesn't detect the change which would normally cause AF to re-read that information from the tasks database and update the display.

We have resolved this by creating our own notification of what should be happening and have handled it so that if a Windows Mobile 5 update resolves this issue, it should not create any conflicts.


Updates in Version 7.74 for WM5

Fix to display issue on Today View for Palm Treo 700W Pocket PC.
Corrected display issue that was isolated to the Palm Treo 700W.
Made correction in appointment editor
Updating the displayed end time/duration may have been delayed.


Updates in Version 7.73 for WM5

Hourly Day View drag-select time for new appointments fix.
There was an issue in the WM5 build that occurred when you drag-select a range of time within the Hourly Day view, then choose to create a new appointment.  The selected ending time was not being applied to the new appointment, and a default duration of 1 hour was being applied.
Recurring daily appointment display issue
Fixed issue with the display of recurring appointments that had daily occurrences that overlapped on a given day. The problem was that if the recurring appointment had occurrences that both ended and restarted on a given day, when Agenda Fusion would display both of those entries on that day, there were some scenarios where the earlier of those two events would show up twice rather than show the one occurrence that ended on that day and the other occurrence that started later in the day. 
Fixed Contact View list issue when tapping on contact to open
Fixed a bug introduced in v7.50 with the two-line Contact list display mode. Tapping anywhere on a contact in the list would open the contact in preview mode, but tapping on the second line of a contact would not open the contact with the full preview/edit screen.  This also affected single-line mode where screen taps may have only been accepted on the upper-half of the contact name listing.
Fixed issue of saving default notes editing font size.
Depending on how the application was exited, the user's preferred default font size for note editing was not always preserved and a smaller font size would have been applied instead.
Fixed issue with icons (not category icons) assigned to tasks contacts and appointments
If you assigned a new icon within the session to a task/contact/appointment and left the editor and then opened the same or an existing item via the note icon (directly entering the note edit mode), it may have cleared any assigned icon or assigned the same icon that was assigned to the last item in which you assigned an icon.  This was a tough one to repeat, thanks to those who reported the issue and gave us the exact details to help resolve the problem.


Updates in Version 7.72 for WM5


Version 7.72 Overview
Final resolution to critical operation issues for Windows Mobile 5 build.
This release is solid, addresses issues that we've found specific to some WM5 Pocket PC devices and the performance has improved greatly since the first WM5 release of Agenda Fusion.

Development is now proceeding on enhancements and updates for both Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2002/2003 versions of Agenda Fusion.


Drastic improvements in contact load time
With a complete understanding of the limitations in terms of performance on Windows Mobile 5 devices for reading calendar/contact/task information, we're we're finding ways that greatly improve performance to more quickly display your information when you launch Agenda Fusion.

With this update, our testing with over 2000 contacts has resulted in load time improvements 50% faster than before.  Starting Agenda Fusion in the contacts view now brings up your contacts much faster!

Fixed issue with 'sticking' category filters
There have been a few reports where view filters were 'sticking'.  The scenario is having a category filter applied, then removing it by selecting 'all items'.  After exit and restart, the previous filter may have be re-applied to the view.  This is resolved.

Project view display of date for projects was incorrect in some cases
If the date of the project was set to 'None', an incorrect date would be shown in the Project View for that project.  This has been corrected, and for such a case, a date will no longer be shown.

Copying/converting an appointment to a task would not copy the notes
This issue has been resolved.  This solves the problem of converting an appointment that had notes to a new task item.  The notes of the appointment would not be copied to the task.

Update to PIM add-in handling where some add-ins would show as disabled
For certain devices, the PIM 'add-ins' menu from the tap/hold menus within Agenda Fusion would have entries that may have been incorrectly disabled.

Fix to dialing option selection box. 
Was showing Cellular Line as selected option regardless of the user's selection.


Updates in Version 7.71 for WM5


O2 XDA Atom screen flicker issue
Resolved issue that was specific to Agenda Fusion running on O2 XDA Atom Pocket PC where the calendar view displays would continuously flicker.


Updates in Version 7.70 for WM5


Added the PIM menu add-ins to the tap/hold menus in Agenda Fusion.
Agenda Fusion will now operate with most 3rd party PIM application extensions.
PIM Extensions are additional functionality that you usually find in the built-in Calendar/Contacts/Tasks application when you tap-and-hold on an item.  This may include such features as locating a contact on a map, dialing via alternative methods, adding voice recognition, etc.

Certain Windows Mobile 5 devices include PIM menu extensions that appear to not follow the Microsoft specification.  In this case, these additional menu extensions will most likely not appear from within Agenda Fusion, but we are aware of the issue and working to see if we can also enable those menu selections from within Agenda Fusion.

The PIM Extensions are available in Agenda Fusion from any of the calendar/contact/task views when you tap-and-hold on an item you will see an "Add-ins" submenu if there is additional functionality available.

Update to refreshing of Contact information preview in Contact View
Addressed issue of flicker when navigating contact list and changing the information shown in the preview window at the top of the display.

Fixed Projects Editor
We fixed the issue with the Projects editor that may have prevented you from adding/selecting contacts from within the Project editor screen.

Added 'Agenda Fusion Tools' to Fusion Utils folder
Added back in the Agenda Fusion backup/restore/reset tool for backing and restoring Projects/Links/Colors/Settings as well as resetting the application settings.


Updates in Version 7.69 for WM5


Fix to problem reported on O2 XDA Atom Pocket PC Phone
Specifically on the O2 XDA Atom Pocket PC, we've had reports of Agenda Fusion exiting shortly after startup and have now been able to test this for ourselves on an Atom and have resolved the problem.

Resolution to issue of spinning 'wait' cursor not going away
Depending on how quickly data was read by Agenda Fusion, you may have experienced an issue where the spinning 'wait' cursor did not leave the display.

Integrating changes for PIM menu add-ins
We're working on completing the integration of the new work that we needed to do for Windows Mobile 5 to process the PIM menu plug-ins (like you see in the built-in applications) for such things as looking up a contact with a mapping program, etc.  This will be included in this build, or the 7.70 release.


Updates in Version 7.68 for WM5


Continued work on speed improvement
Windows Mobile 5 presented a bit of a challenge to performance in reading task/contact/calendar information, but as we learn even more, we're looking at new ways to make Agenda Fusion faster and more responsive.

Fix to editing recurring appointments
An incorrect method of applying changes to recurring appointments may have resulted in the appointment not being updated.  Resolved.

Update to better handle certain today page theme images
Depending on your Pocket PC today theme that you had selected in certain cases the entire image was not being displayed on the Agenda Fusion Today View.


Updates in Version 7.67 for WM5


Update to dialing from Contacts View
Issue was that contacts database is not  entirely consistent in the way it tracks the displayed number for a contact, which Agenda Fusion in turn uses when making the call.

Today View theme coloring update
Applied fix to Agenda Fusion Today View to properly grab the current today page theme text color. For certain themes, it was not picking up the right color and could have resulted in text on the Today View to be the same as the background image.

Fix to Contact anniversary/birthday display within calendar views
Corrected issue where contact name/event was displaying scrambled characters for the birthday/anniversary event within the calendar views.


Updates in Version 7.66 for WM5


Fix to handling of SMS field
When tapping SMS field in contact preview, the phone/dialer application came up vs. the email/SMS editor.

Overhaul of Category Filtering
Previously, we used the registry to store your Agenda Fusion filter settings.
Due to changes in the way in which categories are managed in Windows Mobile 5, we ran into a few issues with storing more complex filter data in the registry due to size limitations.
Filters are now stored in the \Program Files\Agenda Fusion\Filters.

Web page field was not accessible for display from the contact list
Within the contact list, where you can choose which communications field is displayed for each contact, the Web Page field was not available as an option.  This is now working properly.

Pocket PC Phone Edition "Call" button now works correctly from contact list
When pressing the "Call/Dial" button from within the Contacts lists in Agenda Fusion, it will either dial the phone, open up the email editor (if email/SMS) is the currently shown number, or open Internet Explorer if Web Page is the currently shown field for the highlighted contact.

Improved the way the left/right nav pad keys work in contact list.
If you have the Contacts View option set to use the left/right navigation pad to rotate through the currently highlighted contact's phone numbers/email addresses, it may have caused a problem if you did this action repetitively. 

Fixed memory allocation issue
A certain set of data criteria led to a case of insufficient memory allocation causing an access violation and the application prematurely exiting.

Completed tasks not showing as complete
We have found that something changed from WM 2003 to WM5 that caused an issue resulting in AF not seeing all completed tasks as completed.  This resolves that problem.

Note icons not showing for all items
When items have notes, the note status icon was not showing for every item, but would always show after that item had been updated.   Notes icon now properly shows all the time for those PIM items that have attached notes.


Pending fix:
Outlook Mobile plug-ins/add-ins.
We are finishing the work to allow the add-ins (that you find in the built-in PIM applications) to work with Agenda Fusion properly.  We're testing this out right now and plan to roll these changes into this release.  These are the items you find when you tap/hold on an item in Agenda Fusion and are exposed through the pop-up menu in the "Add-ins" sub menu.  (i.e. if your GPS software exposes a 'lookup address' function, it will be included here as well.)


Updates in Version 7.65 for WM5


Install/Update/Uninstall issue resolved
On some Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs, when installing/updating over a current version of Agenda Fusion, the uninstall application in the operating system is not properly removing some files, creating a problem when you try to re-install where it would fail.

If you experience this issue when trying to update from a 7.64 or earlier build on your Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC when trying to upgrade to 7.65 or later, please do the following:

- Go into File Explorer on your Pocket PC
- Remove the \Program Files\Agenda Fusion folder
- Remove the \Windows\Start Menu\Fusion Utils folder
- Remove the \Windows\AppMgr\Developer One Agenda Fusion folder

Then install version 7.65 (or later).  You should not see the problem when installing either this or any later version.

Optimized and further improved performance
If starting up in Contacts view, your contacts will now appear much faster than before!

Added in a few more sample icons into core installer


Updates in Version 7.64 for WM5


Fix to issue with exiting on startup
Depending on your specific dataset, there was an issue that we found with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system that caused some memory access problems, and causing Agenda Fusion to exit abnormally.

The 7.64 build fixes this issue once and for all.  It took a lot of testing and finding just the particular scenario that was causing the problem.

Further performance improvements!
Agenda Fusion 7.64 will now load your data even faster, and we're working on ways that will make this even better!

Resolution to issue of appointments not showing
Depending on your regional settings configuration on your device, there are known problems with Windows Mobile 5 that do not work properly in reporting to us the proper formatting of dates which is necessary for retrieving some of the calendar data.  We had solved this in all but one area of Agenda Fusion 7.62 and the 7.64 release now includes the needed workaround to deal with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system issue.


Updates in Version 7.62 for WM5

This version 7.62 release rolls up the v7.50 to v7.58 releases that were sent to customers with specific fixes for issues reported.

Version 7.62
Version 7.62 addresses issue that some have seen with Agenda Fusion exiting soon after startup and further improves speed when using the fast-load contact option (see below for details)

Fix to date display issue (Problem with Windows Mobile 5 OS)
There is a flaw in the current release of Windows Mobile 5 that incorrectly reports the formatting of the date display under certain circumstances.  We have added a workaround to address this issue for those users that were seeing the dates within Agenda Fusion displaying an incorrect format.

Updates to solve issue of Agenda Fusion exiting after startup.

There have been isolated reports of users that have run Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 and the application has exited shortly after startup.

Thanks to the help of some of these user's reports we have been able to address the issues that we were able to replicate here.

If you experience any issue at startup with this version of Agenda Fusion, please let us know.  We have some utilities that can help us pinpoint and resolve the issue.


Updated handling of category icons for VGA/hi-resolution displays
When assigning icons to items or categories, Agenda Fusion will now properly scale smaller images up if they are very small to help with readability.  This issue was visible as a problem when assigning icons, where you would see a larger icon representation in the list of icons to choose from, but when you assigned the icon, it was shown at a very small size (in it's original dimensions.)

Added Year to navigation bar when in the Agenda Fusion Year view.

It made sense to add the year to the title bar for easier viewing when you are looking at the Yearly view.

Fixed issue in Contact preview for dialing, web and Email/SMS.

This addresses an issue where dialing or launching email/SMS was not properly working when viewing a contact.

Updated handling of how data is refreshed on the display

Some changes to recurring items weren't being reflected properly on update/modification of those items.

Editing of SMS entry pulled out of Contact editor. 

This should not have been in the release of Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 since this entry in the database essentially mirrors that of the Contact's mobile telephone number.  SMS is still available for display/sending SMS messages from within the Contact display/preview.

Addressed two issue with Time status bars in Month View

Time bars were not always showing individual appointments and item counts were being partially obstructed by the time status bars.  Item counts will no longer show if the time status bars are enabled.

Fix to issue when using "Insert Contact Info"

The issue was that when using this to select a contact and insert information like telephone number, name, etc into an appointment or task subject, that once you completed the selection, the editor for the task/appointment was disabled from further changes.  It appears that the Contact Picker supported in Windows Mobile 5 is not quite working as documented.  This has been addressed.

Fix to Fusion Find

Fusion Find for Windows Mobile 5 was not including the notes in the search, this is now working properly in 7.60.

Corrected font selection issue.

Now all font styles available on the device are properly listed from the Agenda Fusion options.

Font size range expanded to allow selection of smaller fonts.

Fonts can be now chosen as small as 4pt fonts.  While many users likely can't read the text at that size, there have been many requests to further reduce the font size to see more information in views like the Month View w/text and it actually works out quite well on VGA resolution displays.


Performance enhancements for displaying Contacts!

With Windows Mobile 5, we were presented with some new and updated programming interfaces that were strongly encouraged to use to deliver better performance and more reliability.  For Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5, we moved to using these new programming interfaces, but after fighting to squeeze out more speed, the performance still leaves much to be desired....

In an effort to give you better performance, we've made it possible for you to change how Agenda Fusion processes Contacts, and it does it in only 25% of the time!  At this moment we're not officially endorsing this as it's using some non-recommended ways of reading information, but it works great on all of the devices here and we want to make this available to you.  If it proves to work for everyone, we'll make it an option within Agenda Fusion.

NOTE: In 7.65 and later, this is no longer needed to enable the contacts performance option.

How do you try it out?

- Create a text file with the name of 'afdirect.txt'
- Copy it to the Agenda Fusion programs folder on your Pocket PC
- Restart Agenda Fusion

That's it!

If it doesn't work or you experience any oddities in viewing the contact list, let us know, but it seems to be working quite well!
The worse case scenario is that the contacts list would not display properly, and if that's the case, just remove the 'afdirect.txt' file to revert back to having Agenda Fusion use the 'officially supported' methods of reading Contact information.

Fix to Alarm Notes / Sound issue

Alarm Notes were picking up the wrong sound file and hence, not playing the sound when alarm notes popped-up.  Resolved.

Added check to installer to remove old task notifications pop-up message.

For those that may have installed a pre-WM5 build of Agenda Fusion on their Pocket PC, you may received pop-up notices on synchronization indicating that it could not find "FusionTaskMonitor.exe".  This is now resolved and no longer used (or needed) for the Windows Mobile 5 edition of Agenda Fusion.


New Features in Version 7.50 for Windows Mobile 5

Optimized for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC.
Agenda Fusion taps into many of the new features of the Windows Mobile 5 operating system to give you a better experience and manage your information even easier!

As Windows Mobile 5 completely changed the way contact, task and calendar data was stored, we were initially concerned about performance.  We redesigned the core of Agenda Fusion to take full advantage of the new Windows Mobile 5 data storage and delivered great performance to make this a very exciting release!

A lot of work went in to optimizing Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5, and the efforts have paid off.  We would also like to thank the beta testers who helped us make this one of the most solid releases of Agenda Fusion ever.

Contacts view enhancements
Now you can select between the classic single-line and new multiple line contact display to see more of your information at once.  The multiple-line mode is similar to the built-in contacts view, only better!

New group-by-company enhancement lets you add company logos to the company groupings to quickly browse your contacts list.  This was to be more of a novelty feature, but as we started using it more, we found it to be a really great addition to the contacts view!

Learn how this feature works here

Contacts viewer and editor now include all of the new Windows Mobile 5 contact data fields like Nickname, Manager, Company telephone, Customer ID and more..

Contact picture display now uses the same pictures as stored in your contacts database.  Adding a contact picture through Agenda Fusion will now update your main contact database and sync with your PC!

Integrated the new Windows Mobile 5 contact picture picker to allow you to easily select new contact pictures as well as choose to use your built-in camera to take a contact picture and add it to your contacts on the spot!

Integrated the Windows Mobile 5 contact picker for selecting contact information to insert into task/appointment subjects.

Projects enhancements 

Internally we updated Agenda Fusion to use the new database format supported on Windows Mobile 5.  This is more reliable and has some great features which allows us to be able to do even more with the Projects view n the future.

You'll like the additional information that is displayed in the Projects view like due dates and progress status to help you manage the information in your projects even better!
Tasks view enhancements

We worked to improve the performance of the tasks view and have also added the new task 'Sensitivity' options in Windows Mobile 5.  You can now group by 'Normal', 'Private', 'Personal' and 'Confidential'.  These new Sensitivity settings are also available from the Appointment and Task editors.

Developer One Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 Release/Update Notes
Changes and New Features for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition including Palm Treo 700w, JasJar, and more.

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