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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
The easiest to use Outlook calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile!Agenda One * Best Seller *
The #1 Outlook enhancement for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC!Agenda Fusion 8
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Agenda Fusion 8 brings the power of Outlook to your mobile device.

Get an idea of what Agenda Fusion can do for you, then download a trial today and experience what better mobile time management is all about.

Simply install and go.  In moments you'll be looking at all of your information in a whole new way. 

Easy to use Outlook-style views give you all the details you need to stay on top of your schedule.

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Weekly Detail View

Bring your entire week into focus.

Clearly displays all of your appointments, tasks and contact events.

Drag-and-drop lets you quickly reschedule any item; color coding and customization lets you display your information the way that works the best for you.

5, 6, 7 and 7-day split display modes to suit your needs.

Agenda Fusion delivers you Outlook style displays, and takes it even further by helping you make the most of the information you have on your mobile device.

Reducing the text font size lets you display even more information on each day.

Agenda / List View

Display your schedule in an easy to read, list-style format.

Select any number of days to display, drag and drop re-scheduling and more.

The Agenda View makes the most efficient use of space, and can include only days for which you have items in your schedule.

Hourly Day View

Daily schedule displays exactly when and where you have your meetings.

Easily adjust your appointment times by simply dragging items to a new time slot; quickly add new items by selecting a time range.

Color coding of your business vs. off-hours; user selectable time intervals and more help make this one of the most popular views. 

Hourly Week View

Convenient overview of your weekly schedule.  Ideal for determining when you can squeeze in your next round of golf! 

Today's Details

Focusing on what's most important today, the Today View makes it easy to concentrate on your day's activities.

Use the current Today page theme from your Pocket PC or customize the colors exactly the way you like.

Want to look at the associated note of any item displayed?  Simply tap the note icon. 

Month View

Three different view styles to let you immediately see what you have planned for the month.

Choose from the icon display, text view mode (works best on VGA resolution display device), and time status bars.

Icons may be assigned to categories or to any individual item in your calendar, contact or task list.

Daily details shown at the top of the display for the selected day.

Yearly View

Use the Year View as a convenient date navigation tool. 

Apply color coding to highlight special events, vacations and anything else that's important to you! 

Stay in touch with your Contacts

Agenda Fusion's complete contact management features let you work with your contacts quickly and effectively.

Featuring grouping by name, category and company, quick search capabilities and much more.

Combine the power of Agenda Fusion's Power Text feature with your contacts and you can effortlessly create new appointments or tasks with your contacts and automatically have their important information added to your appointments.

Complete integration of calling / SMS / e-mail from your contacts list!

Outlook Mobile add-ins like GPS navigation also supported.  (See the add-ins menu when you tap and hold on a contact from the contact list.)  

Group Contacts by Company

Conveniently group your contact list by company; even include company logos to make it even easier to quickly identify your groups.


Integrated Contact Call Log

On your Pocket PC Phone Edition, you now have the best way to quickly view details on all of the calls you have made with your contacts.

Simply select a contact for display and Agenda Fusion will look at your phone call log and find all of the associated call entries and even total up the time for you.


Your customers, friends and family will love you all over again.

With the easiest to use Contact management view, Agenda Fusion will help make sure you stay in touch with your contacts, remembering their birthdays, anniversaries, special events and the details about the last time you spoke with them.

The new birthday and anniversary grouping modes let you quickly see who has an important day coming up.  A nice way to remind you to make a call on someone's special day.


Alarm Notes

Friendly reminders made easy.

Type or scribble down a note and set a time that you would like to be reminded, even create voice based reminders.

When the reminder comes due, you'll receive a pop-up reminder and sound containing your note or voice recording.


Dual Reminders (New in Version 8!)

Agenda Fusion brings you the exclusive feature of Dual Reminders for your appointments.

Now easily create a second reminder for any appointment to remind you the night before, the day after or whenever you choose.

Typically you'll set a reminder for an hour or 30 minutes before an appointment, but you would also like to be reminded the night before.  Perhaps you need to remember to bring some information to your meeting.  Or you might want to have a follow-up reminder several days after your meeting.

Dual Reminders make it easy and simply make sense.

In the screen shot on the left, you'll see a blue bell (reminder icon) that indicates this is a secondary reminder for the original appointment.  Your secondary reminder is also automatically linked to your appointment to let you quickly view its details.

Customize and organize with category coloring and icons

Add color and images to your appointments, tasks and contact items to help them stand out. 

Category coloring lets you color the text or background of items assigned to that category to help bring your schedule to life and highlight important items in your schedule. 

Brings your schedule to life

Agenda Fusion includes an outstanding color management feature to tailor the look to match your personal style.

Choose from one of the many pre-loaded themes or custom select every color to create the exact look that you want. 

Complete Tasks Management

The Tasks view is your destination for keeping on top of your never ending to-do list.

Group by category and see all of the details at once.  Other grouping features include by date, status and more.

An inline preview lets you quickly scroll through all items to view the details immediately. 

Manage your options with ease

Agenda Fusion gives you the world when it comes to offering your options to customize your schedule exactly the way you want it.

Even with all of these options, we've made it extremely easy.

Agenda Fusion's exclusive "Option Favorites" let you bring all of your most commonly used/changed options into your "Favorites" page for quick access at any time.

Agenda Fusion is about helping you work with your schedule more effectively and we're always coming up with better ideas to make mobile time management even better. 

Editing and entry made simple

Agenda Fusion features user friendly appointment, task and contact editors to help you quickly change and create new items in your schedule.

Exclusive Power Text feature helps also make entering new items nearly effortless.  Use Power Text to insert a phrase, or to insert a phrase that includes contact information, date/time information and much more.

With only a few taps of your stylus, you can enter a new appointment like "Call Karen Davies @ 414.555.1212 (cell) 414.555.3720 (work)" and have that appointment automatically linked to the contact!  Only Agenda Fusion has it. 

Easily set recurring options, edit notes, assign categories, link to other items and include attendees!  Now easily add a secondary reminder!

Power Text.  Helps you enter information quickly!

Agenda Fusion Power Text enables you to fill in new appointments, tasks and notes with little effort and it works within all of the editors of Agenda Fusion.

Customize your personal Power Text phrase entries to help you fill in new items with meaningful content, like a subject line, contact information, a time-stamp, time tracking information and much more.

For example, using the phrase illustrated here, you could with just a few taps, insert "Follow up with Sally Jones @ 262.555.8081" into a new appointment and have that appointment automatically linked with that contact.

We're making it easier for you to make the best use of the information you already have on your Pocket PC! 

Project-style view

A great way to help you organize all of your information into convenient project style groups.

Easy to use time tracking, report creation and more make this an excellent mobile project and information management solution.

Add your contacts, tasks, notes, appointments and easily group them into projects!

Let's say you have an upcoming presentation to a client.  You might include links to various documents, all of the attendees, any related tasks that you must complete for the presentation, etc.

Use your imagination and let the project view help you find new ways to better manage all of the information in your busy life.




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