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iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
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Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

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Developer One was named
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Developer One Agenda Fusion for Pocket PC
Frequently Asked Questions


Will Agenda Fusion work with my Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device?

Agenda Fusion 8 will work with all of the currently available touch-screen Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices (as of November 2007)

Can I use Agenda Fusion on my non-touch screen Windows Mobile device?

No.  Agenda Fusion is designed for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile 6 Professional/Classic devices.

For non-touch screen devices, like Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones and Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices, please see Developer One Agenda One.


Can I upgrade my previous version of Agenda Fusion to Version 8?

Yes (if you have a Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 Pocket PC).
Pocket PC 2000 is no longer supported in the Version 8 series of Agenda Fusion.  You may purchase the upgrade pack from the "Upgrade Now!" button to your right.

Do I need to uninstall my previous version of Agenda Fusion before installing Agenda Fusion 8?

No.  Simply install Agenda Fusion 8 over your current version.  This will preserve all of your current settings and remove any unnecessary files during the installation process.

"Will Agenda Fusion work on my Palm Treo 700w/700wx/750v Smartphone?"

Yes.  The Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700/750 is labeled as a 'Smartphone', however it runs the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system.  Agenda Fusion 8 will run great this device.

What's the difference between Agenda Fusion and Agenda One?

Good Question.  Agenda Fusion delivers one of the most complete sets of mobile time/contact management features for mobile devices including project management.   Agenda One was developed first with ease-of-use in mind and leaves out some of the less frequently used features to make it easier than ever to manage your life when you're on the go.   Agenda One also works on both touch-screen and non-touch screen Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices.


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Contact our friendly support team!

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    Please contact Developer One Support and we'll do our best to help you!


Q:How can I display the names of company logos like you show in your screen shots?
A:Once you have run Agenda Fusion (v7.5 or later) on your Pocket PC, it will set up a folder named 'Company Logos' under the \Program Files\Agenda Fusion folder.

Create an image (or capture one from a web site) and save it as a *.jpg, *.gif or *.bmp file.  Name this file the exact name as the company that you use in your contacts database.  i.e. if the company is "Developer One", the image should be named something like "Developer One.bmp".  Copy this to the 'Company Logos' folder on your Pocket PC.

The next time you start Agenda Fusion and go into the Contacts view and display by company, it will show that logo for the group heading!

What size should you use for the image?

If you have a VGA resolution Pocket PC, the max width recommended is about 480 pixels.  For non-VGA, the image should be no more than 240 pixels wide to avoid being cut off.

The background color that will be used to fill the contact company header area (if the logo is smaller than the size available) will be the color of the uppermost-left pixel in the image.
Q:Does the backup utility also backup the new Projects data?
A:Yes, Agenda Fusion 7 and later includes updates in it's backup utility to backup all of your project information.
Q:Can I upgrade to the latest version from a previous version?
A:Agenda Fusion 6 and 7 owners may purchase an upgrade here.
For owners of Agenda Fusion 4 or 5, you may purchase the full version online here.
Note: Version 7.50 and later only runs on Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002/2003.
Q:Does Agenda Fusion synchronize with Outlook on my desktop PC?
A:Yes.  Agenda Fusion uses the same information databases as the built-in Pocket Outlook applications (Contacts, Tasks and Calendar).  Simply install Agenda Fusion on your Pocket PC and you will immediately see all of your information in Agenda Fusion.  All changes made to your data will synchronize back to your PC via ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center) to Outlook on your desktop PC (if you are using Outlook).  If you are using a different desktop calendar/contact application and other synchronization software (i.e. Intellisync, EasySync, etc), as long as those synchronization solutions synchronize the with to your Pocket PC and it is visible in the built-in Pocket PC applications, you will also be able to access it from Agenda Fusion.

Agenda Fusion will also work with the information you synchronize through Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Information Server and Exchange 2003/2007 and it's integrated mobile synchronization capabilities.

Q:When I enter a new contact in Agenda Fusion, I keep getting a default area code which is “425”. Does Agenda Fusion have a feature which will allow me to change this to my area code or eliminate the default area code altogether?
A:Although Agenda Fusion does not have a feature to enable you to change the default area code, there is a solution. Since Agenda Fusion uses the same databases as Pocket Outlook, you can change the default area code in Pocket Outlook and Agenda Fusion will recognize this. To do so, tap on START, then select the Contacts program on your Pocket PC. From there select Tools and then Options. You should now be able to change your default area code to your preference or to eliminate it altogether.
Q:I find myself writing the same information over and over again, such as “Dinner with” or “Marketing Meeting”, etc. Does Agenda Fusion have a remedy for this so I can save time entering my appointments and tasks?
A:Yes, once you have created an appointment or task, AF gives you the option of saving this as a Template. Next time you set up an appointment or task, a window will pop-up enabling you to select from the list of templates you’ve created. To do this, enter your appointment or task, then tap Tools and select Save as Template.
Q:How do I access the category icons and assign them to my calendar, task and contact items?
A:The first step is to associate a category icon with each category you have.  From the main Agenda Fusion menu, go to Manage / Categories.  From this screen, click "Category Icons" at the bottom of the display to enter the category icon manager.  Highlight the category you wish to assign an icon to and select an icon from the display, then click the '+' button to assign that image to the selected category.  You may optionally drag the icon to the category name.

Once you have assigned icons to the categories, all items in your schedule, task or contact list that have a category assigned to them will have an icon displayed with them in all of the views.  If you do not have a category assigned to an item and wish to assign one or more categories to the item, simply open the item for editing, click on the category tab and check off one or more categories that you wish to assign to it.

You may also assign a color to a category so that your items are highlighted in your chosen colors.

Q:Can I set the buttons on my Pocket PC so I can instantly activate Agenda Fusion in any view?
A:Absolutely. On your Pocket PC, go to Start/Settings/Buttons. Select the button that you would like to assign to an Agenda Fusion view and then select in the “Button Assignment” list one of the entries starting with "Fusion".  Once complete, pressing that button will now start Agenda Fusion in that specific view.
Q:Does Agenda Fusion work well with very large contact lists?
A:Yes.  We've worked to deliver you the best performance in Agenda Fusion, for all Pocket PCs to efficiently handle even the largest contact lists.  We've tested with lists of over 5000 contacts with great results.
Q:Is there a desktop version of Agenda Fusion available?
A:No.  We find that the majority of Agenda Fusion owners are synchronizing with Outlook on the desktop.  However you may use any desktop time/contact/task organizer software that synchronizes with the Pocket Outlook information on the Pocket PC either through ActiveSync or other 3rd party synchronization solutions.
Q:My contacts are not sorting properly, is this a bug?
A:If you are finding that some contact names do not properly sort, go to Customize View, then select the Contact View Settings page and check the "Enable International Sorting" option.  This may have some effect on performance when sorting very large contact lists.
Q:I've just installed the trial version and it's asking me for an ID and Registration Code, how can I try it out?
A:Simply press "Continue" to continue using the application during the trial period.  You'll be given this message again when you have only a few days remaining in your trial.
Q:In my company we are using Agenda Fusion on many our Pocket PCs. We are writing a custom software solution and would like to be able to access the Agenda Fusion views and task/contact/task editors directly from our application.  Is this possible?
A:Yes, we have a published specification for software developers detailing how other applications may access some of the functionality of Agenda Fusion.  Please see the downloads page for more information.
Q:I've installed Agenda Fusion and no longer need the built-in Tasks, Calendar and Contact applications, can I remove them from my Pocket PC?
A:No, the built-in Pocket PC applications may not be removed the device, however if you would rather have all shortcuts point to Agenda Fusion views instead of launching the built-in applications, go into the Agenda Fusion main menu, Options, select the Display Options tab and check "Set Pocket Outlook links to Agenda Fusion views".  Doing so will effectively hide the built in Calendar, Contact and Task applications.
Q:I have purchased and registered Agenda Fusion on my Pocket PC.  How can I now install the latest update?
A:Please visit the downloads page, download and install the latest trial version in the series over your current version. 

For example, if you have purchased Version 8.0, your registration code will work for the latest Version 8.x release that we have available on our download page.

If you download a later major version (i.e. Version 9.x over a registered Version 8.x), you will be given another trial period to try out the new version.  To purchase an upgrade to the next major version series, click here.

Q:I've installed Agenda Fusion and don't see any of the category icons on my device, where are they?
A:Please first refer to this Q/A. If you still do not see the category icons, we suggest you re-install Agenda Fusion from your desktop PC, and from the installation program, check only to install the Agenda Fusion icon collection.  This should properly install the icons on your Pocket PC.
Q:My User ID and Registration Code for Agenda Fusion is not working. Can you help?
A:All of the User IDs and Registration codes are automatically tested for validity before we send these to you.

The User ID must be entered exactly as shown in the email we send to you.  You cannot change this.  The user ID may be your email address or product ID as supplied in your purchase confirmation.

If you are still having problems, try keying in the User ID and Registration Code using the pop-up keyboard on your Pocket PC (not a character recognition application like Transcriber or the Block Recognizer)

Q:How can I create and use my own Category Icons?
A:Please click here for more information on creating and using your own Category Icons in Agenda Fusion.
Q:I am not seeing any items in one or more of the Agenda Fusion views.
A:Check your filter settings for the view in which you are not seeing any information.  Tap on the filter button in the menu bar at the bottom of the display (a funnel icon) then tap "Show All" to display all items.
Q:My past appointments and/or completed tasks are disappearing from my Pocket PC but are still in Outlook on the desktop, how can I make sure they stay on my Pocket PC?
A:Connect and sync your Pocket PC to your desktop/laptop PC. Open ActiveSync on your desktop and in the Options screen, change the settings for synchronizing Appointments and Tasks.  You can choose to keep all items on the Pocket PC or only leave uncompleted tasks on your Pocket PC or past appointments that fall within a certain time period.
Q:Can I replace the built in Pocket Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks application with Agenda Fusion?
A:A very common question.  You cannot remove the built-in Pocket Outlook applications, however you can setup your Pocket PC so that every time you open "Calendar", "Tasks" and "Contacts" it will instead go to Agenda Fusion. 

In Agenda Fusion, from the main menu, select Options - Global Options and check "Use Pocket Outlook Links" for Pocket PC 2002/2003 or "Use Outlook Mobile Links" for Windows Mobile 5/6.

Q:Can I backup my settings, colors and links to restore them to a new installation of Agenda Fusion?
A:Agenda Fusion includes a "Fusion Backup" tool that you will find under Start / Programs / Fusion Utils.  Use this tool to backup your settings to a set of files and copy to your PC for backup.  To install Agenda Fusion on a new device and retain your previous settings, first install Agenda Fusion, then copy your backup files to your Pocket PC and use the backup tool, selecting "Restore" and restore the colors, settings and links as needed.
Q:I'm sending in my Pocket PC for repairs or planning on loading a new version of the operating system. What do you recommend so that I can quickly get back up and running with Agenda Fusion after this process?
A:First, if you are synchronizing tasks, contacts and calendar information with a desktop PC, all of your data may be easily transferred back to your Pocket PC after repairs or an operating system upgrade.  If you are not synchronizing this information with a desktop, your Pocket PC may have a preinstalled backup utility to save your contacts, tasks and appointments to a memory card later restoration.

Backup and Preparation:

Have your registration code on hand so that you may re-enter the registration information to unlock the trial version when you re-install.

Backup your Agenda Fusion data with the Fusion Backup tool that you will find in the Start / Programs / Fusion Utils folder.

Save these backup files to your PC or a memory card so that you can later restore your settings on a new installation of Agenda Fusion.

If you are using category icons, make sure that you have a backup of your icons.  You'll find the current folder used for this by going to Options, select the "Category Images" tab.  If this folder is not currently on a storage card, you may use ActiveSync to copy those category images from your Pocket PC to your desktop PC.


Once your Pocket PC repairs are made or you complete your operating system upgrade, synchronize with your desktop PC to get all of your calendar, contact and task information back on your Pocket PC.

Install Agenda Fusion on your Pocket PC

Copy your Agenda Fusion colors, settings and links backup files to your Pocket PC.  If you backed up to a storage card, insert your storage card.

Use the Fusion Backup tool, select "Restore" and restore the colors, settings and links as needed.

If you backed up your category images, copy them to a folder on your Pocket PC and then go into Agenda Fusion and open the Options menu.  Select the Category Images tab and make sure the folder shown here matches the folder that you copied your category icons to.  If the folder displayed does not match the folder you copied your category icons to, tap the "Category Images Folder" button to select the folder that contains your icons.

Q:I'm not seeing any of the icons in the Month View like you have in your screen shots, how can i get those to display?
A:From the Month View, go to Customize View in the main Agenda Fusion menu.

Select/check "Show in Month" and choose to display "Categories".

If you still do not see any icons, it's most likely you have not assigned categories to your appointments or tasks, or that you have not assigned icons to these categories.

If you have categories assigned to your appointments and tasks, go to the main Agenda Fusion menu and select Manage / Categories.  From this screen, tap "Category Icons" in the menubar at the bottom of the display to associate images with your categories.

You should now see these icons appear in the Month View on days in which you have tasks or appointments with categories.

Q:How can I change the location of where my contact images are stored?
A:Right now the location for contact photos is defined to be
\My Documents\FusionContactPhotos (where \My Documents may be different if your Pocket PC is not running an English language version of the operating system.)

To change this, you would need to use a registry editing program on your Pocket PC (free ones like PHM Registry Editor are available on the internet). In the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Developer One, Inc.\Agenda Fusion, add or modify the registry value named "ContactPhotoFolder". Set it's text string data to the path where you want to store your contact photos.
(i.e. \Storage Card\MyFusionContactPhotos). We will be updating this soon to include a more friendly way managing your contact photos and changing the name of the contact picture folder.

Q:I have setup a recurring task. It displays on the starting day, but not on any of the other days that it should occur. Is this a bug?
A:Recurring tasks work a bit differently than recurring appointments.  The next occurrence of a recurring task will only exist (and therefore appear) once you have marked the current occurrence of the task as Completed.
Q:How can I display the image of my contacts like your screen shots show?
A:Note: This does not apply for Windows Mobile 5 and later Pocket PCs.  In Windows Mobile 5 and 6, contact images are now stored directly within the Contacts database in Outlook Mobile.  Agenda Fusion 7.50 and later for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 will allow you to use and change the contact images from within the Contacts view in Agenda Fusion.

This is for Pocket PC On your Pocket PC, create a new folder located under the \My Documents folder (or the equivalent named folder if your Pocket PC is not running an English language operating system).

Name this folder FusionContactPhotos, so you will now have
\My Documents\FusionContactPhotos.

Copy your contact images to this folder (*.bmp, *.gif and *.jpg supported)

Rename the contact image file(s) after the "File As" name for your contact.
(i.e. Jones, Bob.gif)  To determine the "File As" name for your contact, look in the Agenda Fusion contacts listing and display all contacts by File As to see what the name for your image should be.) 

The next time you open that contact, you'll see the image displayed in the preview window.  We'll be making some great improvements in this feature and the process for selecting images in a follow-on version of Agenda Fusion. 

Syncing with Outlook 2003?

Here's a tip suggested by one of our users:

Open ActiveSync on your desktop PC and enable File Synchronization with your Pocket PC if you do not currently synchronize files with your Pocket PC.  ActiveSync will then create a synchronized folder on your desktop PC under your My Documents folder.

Open the My Documents folder on your desktop PC, then open the "Pocket PC_My Documents" folder.  Yours may be named differently depending on the name you have given your device, but will be similar.

Create a folder on your desktop PC under your Pocket PC synchronized files folder named FusionContactPhotos.

Put all of your contact images in this folder and add pictures to Outlook 2003 from that folder. Since this folder on your PC will also sync with your Pocket PC, you'll have those images available in Agenda Fusion Contacts as well!

Even if you are not using Outlook 2003 on your desktop, this can help make the process of adding contact images to your Pocket PC a bit easier.

Q:How do I display the week numbers in the Month View?
A:First you'll need to enable display of week numbers from the Options in Agenda Fusion.  Go to the main menu, 3rd tab "Calendar Settings" and select the appropriate week numbering method in the "Week #'s" list.

Go into the Month View, and tap/hold anywhere in the month and you'll find an entry in the pop-up menu "Show week numbers".

The week numbers will replace the day numbers on the day of every week that is defined as the starting day of the week.

Q:Does Agenda Fusion work with the latest Windows Mobile 6 Update?
A:As of Agenda Fusion Version 7.50, we have added full support for Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 5 and later.

This update works with all Windows Mobile 5 devices with the Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system, and supports devices with VGA, QVGA and square screen and landscape orientation.

Q:Is Agenda Fusion available for Windows Mobile based Smartphones?
A:For non-touch screen Windows Mobile Smartphone devices, Developer One now offers Agenda One for all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Smartphones like the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, Cingular Blackjack, HTC Vox, and many more.

In October 2007, Agenda One was awarded the Handango Best Life Management Application award for Smartphones!

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